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Can France monopolize control over the Islamic community?

Can state-sponsored and carefully selected Islamic representatives gain the trust and legitimacy of the country’s Islamic population? The French government wants that.

French government announcement It will aim to dissolve the French Council of the Muslims (CFCM), which was founded almost 20 years ago and is backed by the state, within a few days.

Founded in 2003 by French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy at the time, the CFCM was a controversial institution with no legal position from the beginning, but it served as a conduit between the French state and its Muslims. increase.

Currently, President Emmanuel Macron’s government has stated that he is “completely paralyzed” and unable to bid on the government, so he is seeking dissolution.

this Accusation A body that poses in front of the camera to remind people that Islam is a “religion of peace and love” rather than talking about government issues about Islam, such as radicalization and radicalism.

The new organization that the government is aiming to replace CFCM is “Islamic forum in France.. ”

Macron’s right-wing Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin hopes that the new organization will remain unaffected by foreign governments and show a positive commitment to the secular national ideology.

Rayan Freski, a French legal scholar and researcher at the UK-based human rights group CAGE, says the French state wants to enjoy a monopoly of influence over Muslim citizens.

“They are trying to establish a community where leaders are completely submissive to the state’s idealism,” Freski says. TRT World..

Freski added that the state wants to ensure that there are “no political objections inspired by faith.”

The attempt to replace the CFCM with a new body is a recognition that the first attempt is “certainly a failure, this is the second shot”. The difference this time is that it is “more organized”.

Unlike their counterparts in other French beliefs, the test applies to French Islamic leaders under the new scheme.

They must promise to have little contact with their country of origin and avoid connections with cross-border religious movements.

For example, similar tests do not apply to the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Vatican City.

There is no pressure on the country’s Catholic Church as follows: revelation Scrutinize those who believe that it is acceptable for more than 3,000 priests and church congregation workers to abuse more than 300,000 children and for the state to intervene and lead the congregation of the church.

For the country’s Islamic community, that double standard is part of what Freski calls unprecedented pressure and intensity on the country’s Islamic community.

Following the establishment of the “French Islamic Forum,” Freski says, “it will be very difficult for no French mosque to join the new structure.”

“Very severe pressure on those who refuse to participate”, unlike CFCM, brings its power to those who believe that the French state does not have a business that interferes with the problems of the Islamic community. Means that.

Over the past few years, the Macron Party has gradually strengthened the government’s anti-Islamic policy. Islamic school, Mosque, Islamic charity, Organization monitoring Islamophobia, the publisher,Furthermore Pressure the mosque to sign the charter It forbids talking about the discrimination and racism facing the community.

Elias Dimzaren, a French human rights advocate, called Macron’s policy a “radicalization” of the French state, resulting in widespread consensus among the country’s Muslims.

D’Imzalene believes that when the French government’s policy towards the Islamic community is taken as a whole, it is equivalent to an attempt to reduce the influence of Islam among its practitioners.

By abolishing CFCM and creating a new organization, “French administration and security agencies choose the’representative’of the Islamic community. The first criterion is the betrayal of the Islamic community and its principles, “d’Imzalene said. TRT world.

Macron’s approach to Islam is a “colonial” tendency and “re-breaking down the rule of us, our customs and beliefs, and our religion and its followers” by French secularism. D’Imzalene says it represents a “proof” of being “connected.”

Source: TRT World

https://www.trtworld.com/magazine/can-france-monopolise-control-over-its-muslim-community-53089?utm_source=other&utm_medium=rss Can France monopolize control over the Islamic community?

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