Can you be one of the Prince’s Carabinieri?

The 2023 recruitment campaign for Prince Albert II’s Carabinieri company has begun. Ever wondered what you need? read!

What an honor it is to serve and protect the prince’s family! A few privileged people pledge to devote their lives to the Principality and maintain a quiet environment for the prince. However, candidates must meet very specific criteria in order to be able to apply for a Carabinieri (Rifleman) position.

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Not everyone has what it takes to be a carabinier. First, you must be Monaco or French national, 19-27 years old, 1.80m-2m, free of tattoos, and single from the time of application until the end of the one-year trial period. ..

Health is clearly a basic prerequisite for joining the company. Candidates must have full visual acuity and a BMI between 19 and 25.

In addition, they must know how to swim, have a B category driver’s license, and have completed the JDC (Defense and Citizenship Day).

If you select all of these checkboxes, you will need to take an entrance exam that includes a general knowledge test, a physical fitness test, medical and psychological tests, and finally a recruitment interview.

click Here For more information on application and entrance exams. Can you be one of the Prince’s Carabinieri?

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