Canada, Denmark and Norway ratify NATO’s Finnish membership

Finland and Sweden membership applications have been ratified virtually without delay by Canada, Denmark and Norway. According to Helsinki Ginsanoma.. Estonia will do the same on Wednesday.

All 30 NATO member states must ratify the application before the invitee becomes a full-fledged member state. The length of the domestic ratification process is expected to vary from days to months due to differences in the political systems of member states and issues related to domestic politics such as elections.

Optimistic estimates suggest that the process may be completed by the end of the year.

Turkey is set to delay the process and impose new conditions on ratification. Tuesday YLE I have written That president Recep Tayyip Erdogan Countries have repeatedly failed to ratify member states unless the two countries have fulfilled their promises in a trilateral memorandum signed in Madrid, Spain last week.

It is already clear that each country has different interpretations of how the provisions of the Memorandum should actually be implemented.

Fahrettin AltunHead of Communication of the President of Turkey, Said Helsinki’s accession to NATO is not yet a natural conclusion, as Helsinki Sanomat said Tuesday that Finland must adopt “necessary measures” in the area of ​​counterterrorism to allow Turkey’s ratification.

“It is up to the Finnish government to decide how these measures will be implemented. We only care about the consequences,” he sent a message to the newspaper.

“NATO membership is a privilege, not a right.”

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland Pekka Haavisto (green) Said I told Helsingin Sanoma in Brussels that I am confident that the membership process will cross the finish line in both Finland and Sweden.

“Turkey has some connections with key members of NATO. I find it difficult to see the consequences of the blocking of membership in Finland and Sweden, but of course many challenges can emerge. I have.”

Finland added that “most” are stepping into the door. “The opposite is not true. Sooner or later we will get over the finish line.”

Aleksi Teivainen – HT Canada, Denmark and Norway ratify NATO’s Finnish membership

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