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Canadian police begin clearing major bridges from demonstrators

As the new demonstrations are expected to attract thousands of protesters, police will begin cleaning the Ambassador Bridge area by removing tents built in the lanes.

Due to the approach of numerous police shortly after dawn, many demonstrators drove away from the Ambassador Bridge over the river between Detroit, Ontario and Windsor. (AP)

Canadian police have begun cleaning up truck drivers protesting Covid-19 restrictions from major bridges, even as Ottawa authorities prepare for a new demonstration that is expected to bring thousands to the federal capital. ..

However, anti-mandate protests have taken a broader dimension with a crowd of protesters blocking the streets of Ottawa for the third straight week and copycat protests worldwide, including France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Australia.

In Ontario, where authorities have declared an emergency, the State Supreme Court has ordered truck drivers to end the closure of the strategic Ambassador Bridge between Windsor, Canada and Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Protests forced major automakers in both countries to stop or curtail production, and Washington urged Ottawa to use its federal powers to end the blockade on Friday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised “more and more powerful police intervention” and could not keep the border closed, adding that “this conflict must end.”

However, on Saturday, armored car-backed Canadian police began cleaning up the ambassador’s bridge, unloading tents built in the lane and persuading some drivers to move the truck, but many demonstrators attended. Continued to resist, and as the days went by, the numbers seemed to increase.

“Individuals in the demonstration area could be arrested,” Windsor police warned on Twitter. “People are advised to leave the area immediately.”

Protesters can face heavy fines, imprisonment, and loss of their driver’s license if they continue to block traffic.

However, there were no immediate reports of being arrested on Saturday. Windsor police spokesman Jason Bella Aia told reporters that she plans to ease the situation peacefully if possible.

Ambassador Bridge is an integral part of the US and Canadian automotive industries, carrying more than 25% of the goods exported from both countries.

The two US-Canada border crossings in Manitoba and Alberta remain blocked by protests.

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“I haven’t been vaccinated and I’m not dead.”

On Saturday morning, a large number of protesters gathered again in Ottawa, the epicenter of the movement.

Hundreds of people are waving the Canadian flag, occupying the city center again, paralyzing the capital, and walking under the snowy sky between huge trucks that have infuriated many locals. I did.

“I’ve been a supporter of the cause from the beginning,” said 38-year-old Mark Andre Mallet. His backpack had patches representing both the Canadian and Quebec flags.

“I haven’t been vaccinated and I’m not dead,” added Mallet, a sewer worker in the town of St. Armand near the US border.

“Catholic activist” Jon Pacheco, who claims to be attending demonstrations three times a week, brought his 15-year-old daughter Sophia on Saturday.

“We could be here for months,” Pacheco said, adding that the government lacks the equipment to remove all trucks.

Truck drivers initially gathered in Ottawa to push their demand for the abolition of vaccination requirements that affect cross-border truck drivers.

But while protesters claim they want to protect their freedom, all vaccination obligations, whether swastikas or those holding the South Army flag, are imposed by the federal or state governments. The movement is widespread as it calls for the abolition of.

Anti-Trudeau signs and chanting are common on the clogged streets of Ottawa.

Political opponents say it was too late for the prime minister to end the protest.

Trudeau has repeatedly argued that protesters represent a small part of the population (even if it is noisy) that is largely in line with vaccination requirements and guidance.

However, anti-Covid measures in some states are more restrictive than in many parts of the world, and truck driver messages are more widespread than the authorities expected.

According to one opinion survey, one-third of Canadians support the protest and 44% understand at least the frustration of truck drivers.

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Source: AFP

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