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Canadian police detain more than 100 demonstrators

Brawls broke out in places, and police repeatedly snorted protesters and pushed the crowd back in a cry of “freedom.” And the song of the national anthem “O Canada”.

Among those arrested were four protest leaders, one of whom was released on bail and the other remained in custody. (AP)

Police arrested and towed a large number of demonstrators in Canada’s besieged capital. Truck streams began to leave under pressure, raising authorities’ expectations for the end of a three-week protest against the country’s Covid-19 restrictions.

By Friday evening, officials said at least 100 people had been arrested, primarily for mischief, and about 20 vehicles had been towed, including all vehicles blocking one of the city’s main streets. According to Steve Bell, the interim Ottawa police chief, one police officer was slightly injured, but the protesters were not.

Police “continue to move forward to control our streets,” he said, “we will work day and night until this is complete.”

Four protest leaders were arrested. One was released on bail and the other remained imprisoned.

The crackdown on the self-proclaimed Freedom Convoy began in the morning, with hundreds of police equipped with riots, carrying automatic weapons, descending into the protest zone, and handcuffing demonstrators to the snowy roads. The horn.

Tow truck operators wore neon green ski masks and taped company decals to trucks to hide their identities. Arrived under police escort and began removing hundreds of large rigs, campers and other vehicles parked nearby. Parliament. Police broke the door of at least one RV camper and then carried it away.

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“Freedom was never free”

Police said late in the afternoon that protesters had attacked police officers and attempted to steal their weapons. After playing music for weeks, some people started dismantling the equipment, saying they didn’t want to destroy it.

Many protesters faced one of Canada’s largest police enforcement measures in history, attracting police from all over the country.

“Freedom was never free,” said Montreal truck driver Kevin Homound. “So what if they handcuff us and put us in jail?”

However, in the afternoon a steady procession of trucks began to leave the Capitol.

“There are signs that progress is beginning to be seen now,” said Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario.

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Canadian emergency law

Police did not reveal the number of protesters or vehicles remaining in downtown. All the signs were that police were working to clean up the area over the weekend.

The capital and its paralyzed streets closed the border crossing to the United States and made the final base of the movement after weeks of demonstrations and closures that created one of the most serious tests to date for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Represents. They also shook Canada’s reputation for politeness by blaming American influence.

Authorities were hesitant to oppose the protest, in part because of fear of violence. The demonstrators attracted right-wing extremists and veterans, some of whom were armed.

In the face of accusations that police and the government have put the protests out of control, Trudeau launched Canada’s emergency law on Monday. This gave law enforcement special authority to declare the blockade illegal, tow trucks, arrest drivers, suspend licenses, and freeze bank accounts.

Ottawa police made their first move late Thursday to end the occupation with the arrest of two major protesters. They also blocked much of the downtown area to outsiders to prevent them from coming to the help of protesters.

The urgent law allowed law enforcement authorities to force wrecker companies to help. Ottawa police previously said they couldn’t find anyone to help because the tow truck driver sympathized with the movement or was afraid of retaliation.

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Source: AP

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