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Canadian police warn truck drivers to leave before possible confrontation

There is no immediate word from police about when or could move to forcibly clean up hundreds of trucks in the capital Ottawa, but protest leaders are ready for action. Is called.

Police talk to the driver when distributing notices to protesters who have paralyzed Canada’s capital Ottawa for more than two weeks. (AP)

As the confrontation is shaped by a truck driver’s nearly three-week siege in Ottawa protesting the country’s Covid-19 restrictions, as police in the capital warned drivers to leave soon or risk arrest. I saw.

Authorities wearing a yellow “police contact” vest moved from rig to rig on Wednesday, knocked on the door, handed a leaflet informing truck drivers that they could be prosecuted, lost their license, and Canada. We have confirmed that the vehicle has been seized under the emergency law of.

The police have also started issuing tickets for vehicles.

A large rig parked outside Congress represents the last base of the movement after demonstrators abandoned the only remaining truck blockage along the US border.

So all border crossings were opened for the first time in more than two weeks of anxiety, paying attention to the capital. There, the driver categorically tore the warning to them to go home.

On Wednesday, one protester shouted, “I will never go home!”

Some people even threw warnings at the toilets on the street. Protesters sat on the truck and honked a loud chorus in downtown.

Police did not immediately contact us when or could move in to force us to clean up hundreds of trucks. However, the protest leaders prepared for action.

“Millions of people have given far more for their freedom if they need to go to jail if they need to be fined to restore their freedom in this country. “I’m here,” said David Paisley, a truck driver friend who traveled to Ottawa.

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Tough decisions after weeks of pressure

The warning was issued two days after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enacted an emergency law to break the protest.

Some lawmakers have accused the young Trudeau of being less resolute in the protest, while others have accused him of taking over emergency power.

Since late January, truck and other vehicle protesters have blocked the streets of the capital and the border crossings.

The self-proclaimed “Freedom Convoy” demonstration initially focused on Canada’s vaccine requirements for truck drivers entering Canada, but soon turned into Covid-19 precautions and a widespread attack on Trudeau himself.

Source: AP

https://www.trtworld.com/americas/canada-police-warn-truckers-to-leave-ahead-of-possible-showdown-54825?utm_source=other&utm_medium=rss Canadian police warn truck drivers to leave before possible confrontation

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