Candidates for Trump see defeat in Nebraska primary, victory in West Virginia

On Tuesday, support from former US President Donald Trump was tested in both Nebraska and West Virginia. Two states will hold primaries prior to the 2022 midterm elections on November 8, 2022. WV’s W’, Nebraska proved to be the major’L’ of what is supported by 45.


Veterinarian Jim PyreneA pig farmer, the governor of Nebraska, has emerged as the winner of the crowded Republican primary.Pyrene is expected to gain considerable support over Democratic counterparts Carol BloodState councilor, According to the Associated Press..

Nebraska has not elected a Democratic governor since 1994.

Pyrene defeats eight enemies, including a Trump-backed businessman Charles Herb StarWas accused of groping for a young woman. At least eight women have accused Herb Star of sexual misconduct between 2017 and 2022. According to Nebraska Examiner.

Herbster is Chief Executive Officer of Carico Farms, Herbster Angus Farms, and Conklin Company.

Meanwhile, the person in charge. Don bacon A frank statement (R-NE) about his opposition to Trump’s role in the January 6 riots was predicted by Edison Research to be a Republican confronting Democratic challengers. Tony Vargas In the controversial November elections.

“They didn’t have the right to break in and do what they did.” Senator Bacon in the statement It was published on the first anniversary of the riot. “Let’s suppress this.”

West Virginia

However, in West Virginia, Edison Research predicts That Trumpback US Congress Candidate Alex Mooney Defeat the person in charge of the challenger. David McKinley (R-WV) and Susan Buksar-Rohokki In the Republican primary in the second district of the US House of Representatives.

McKinley was backed by the Governor of West Virginia Jim Justice (R-WV).

“I am absolutely intimate with the Trump family and know that President Trump can sometimes make mistakes. Now he has made mistakes.” Justice mentioned Trump’s support for Mooney, As reported by WV Metro News..

Mooney has specifically supported Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations of widespread fraud in the 2020 general election. Meanwhile, McKinley agreed that Biden had defeated the 2020 US President.

Mooney confronts Barry WendellReceived more than 55% of the votes and defeated the opponent Angela Dwyer.. Candidates for Trump see defeat in Nebraska primary, victory in West Virginia

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