Car bomb kills Russia-officially installed in occupied Ukraine

Local officials appointed Russians in the occupied city of Kherson in southern Ukraine were apparently killed in a car bomb attack report Friday.

Kherson’s so-called “military” government Said A state-owned TASS news agency killed one person in a car explosion in a residential area early in the morning.

“Today, my friend Dmitry Savlucenko, head of the family, youth and sports departments in the Kherson region, has passed away,” said Kirill Stremosov, deputy head of the Kherson region appointed to Moscow. Said By telegram.

He added that Savluchenko died “as a result of terrorist acts in the city of Kherson.”

Savluchenko’s death represents the first confirmed death by pro-Russian officials in an attack in occupied Ukraine.

Interfax news agency previously reported that an official in Moscow died in the explosion after a bomb was set on his car.

Horrible footage shared by parent Kyiv social media accounts show A badly damaged car parked in front of the apartment and the body lay in the distance.

This is the latest in a series of obvious car bombs reported by Kherson in recent weeks. The target of the attack is believed to be pro-Russian. I have escaped serious injuries until now.

An aide to the Kherson administration’s secretary, who is loyal to Kyiv, welcomed the attack that killed “pro-Russian activists and traitors.”

“Our partisan has another victory,” Sergiy Khlan said on Facebook.

Russian troops conquered most of the Kherson region at the start of the attack on February 24th.

Since then, Russian troops have established a pro-Moscow “military civilian government” in the occupied territories, introducing Russian currency, media and internet services.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on May 25 to “simplify” the Ukrainian civil rights process in the occupied Kherson and partially occupied Zaporizhia, and the separated Donetsk and Luhansk regions. did.

Since shifting the focus of the aggression to the east after the failed attempt to occupy Kieu, Russia’s main purpose has been to “liberate” the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, primarily inhabited by Russian speakers. Said there is.

AFP contributed to the report. Car bomb kills Russia-officially installed in occupied Ukraine

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