Caraş-Severin Mass Cannabis Catch – The Romania Journal

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Police found an entire plantation in Callas Severin containing dozens of cannabis plants that were to be sold in cities in the western part of the country. Two people have already been arrested.

In 2022, the defendants established and maintained a cannabis culture on isolated, hard-to-reach land surrounded by forests on the outskirts of the commune of Kalash-Severin county. To carry out the criminal activities, the defendants sourced cannabis seeds from Spain, installed a drip irrigation system, and used various fertilizers for rapid growth of the cannabis plants. ”notified the Department of Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT)) Caraş-Severin.

The cannabis crop consisted of 97 plants of different vegetative stages, 1-2 meters in height, with a total mass of fresh green mass exceeding 150 kg.

More than 50 kilograms of cannabis buds, dried green clumps, about 5 grams of cocaine, bag vacuums, generators, hot air blowers, installations with irrigation systems, water pumps and sprayed plants were seized. . A grinder, three precision scales, and a few mobile phones.

The two used a shelter near the plantation to process and distribute cannabis for distribution. The drugs thus obtained were marketed to consumers in Kalash Severin, Timish and Golgi counties. Caraş-Severin Mass Cannabis Catch – The Romania Journal

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