Cardano Now Fully Integrated For Over 1.7 Million Uphold Users — What This Means For ADA ⋆ ZyCrypto


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  • After months of production, Uphold has announced its integration with Cardano.
  • This move will allow Cardano users to interact with ADA in a variety of ways on the platform.
  • Cardano and Uphold will collaborate on webinars to bring new cryptocurrency users into the space.

Uphold, a digital money platform with over 1.7 million users, Cardano We provide users with the option to deposit and stake ADA on the platform.

welcome to cardano

Uphold’s team announced that Cardano is now fully operational on the platform, creating buzz throughout the community. The trading platform revealed this through its blog, offering many features to Cardano enthusiasts.

“We are proud to announce that starting today, all Uphold wallets will be fully compatible with the Cardano blockchain. We are excited about the opportunity to further support this community,” read the blog post.

Holders of Cardano’s native token, ADA, can now stake their holdings on the platform and receive 4% APY. Additionally, a user can purchase her ADA through Uphold using any of the available funding options such as debit and credit cards. Her ADA purchased on Uphold can be transferred to her external Cardano wallet once the transaction is complete.

Deposits from external wallets are also possible, and the team at Uphold is pushing the frontier by introducing the option to convert ADA to local currency on bank withdrawals.


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The team revealed that the ADA deposit process is a fairly straightforward process designed with ease of use in mind. Click the “Trade” button, select Cardano from the “Crypto Networks” option, copy the QR code or receiving address and send the funds.

Staking ADA with Uphold

Users can earn 4% APY on Cardano Uphold by staking ada following an intuitive and seamless process. Beginners and seasoned veterans alike can start staking ADA with the push of a few buttons. Going forward, Uphold and Cardano will collaborate on webinars to further support the growing adoption of Web 3.

Users have welcomed the move to introduce staking as it scraps the need for a minimum balance. shown to be the third most common. most bet cryptocurrency Assets holding $12.28 billion worth of ADA.

Only Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) rank higher than ADA on the list, with stake values ​​of $20.93 billion and $15.31 billion respectively.

Uphold has announced that it will be announcing more new full blockchain integrations on its platform in the coming days. Currently, Uphold can trade 200 cryptocurrencies, and US stocks and precious metals are available to platform customers. Cardano Now Fully Integrated For Over 1.7 Million Uphold Users — What This Means For ADA ⋆ ZyCrypto

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