Cardano’s resilience leads to sustained uptrend in the market

Cardano is experiencing positive trends in the market, with buyers dominating and the coin holding stable at support levels.of Launch of the Djed stablecoinIt is a joint project by Input Output (IOG) and COTI network.

Cardano Continues Upward Trend

Cardano’s native token, ADA, has steadily increased in value and maintained its upward trend, performing well in the market despite other currencies experiencing corrections or stagnating. It is one of the few assets showing This stability puts Cardano on a short list of growing assets.

CoinGecko data Cardano currently ranks 8th in the world among cryptocurrencies based on market capitalization. With a market value of over $13 billion, Cardano has the potential for further growth, especially as new projects and releases hit the market. The price of ADA is up 55.2% over the last 30 days, indicating a positive trend.

The number of buyers in the market is increasing and the 24-hour trading volume is steadily increasing. This is often seen as a sign that the market is dominated by bullish investors who are taking advantage of positive market conditions. , this trend is likely to continue.

In conclusion, the current trend in Cardano price analysis is positive, with buyers dominating the market. The coin remains stable at support levels and is poised to cross resistance levels, which could lead to further gains. It shows that high prices can be reached.

Cardano Welcomes Djed Stablecoin, Now Live On Cardano Mainnet

The Djed stablecoin, a joint project by Input Output (IOG) and the COTI network, has finally launched on the Cardano mainnet. This stablecoin is highly anticipated and is expected to bring new possibilities to the Cardano ecosystem.
in the COTI network blog post, they said the company is proud to announce that the overcollateralized stablecoin Djed has gone live on Cardano mainnet. This stablecoin has been carefully crafted and thoroughly tested during a year-long preparation and development process following a successful security audit. Cardano’s resilience leads to sustained uptrend in the market

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