Caritas Slovenia has raised more than 3 million euros for Ukraine so far

Ljubljana-Caritas Slovenia has raised more than € 3 million in aid to Ukraine, the largest humanitarian campaign dedicated to foreign countries in Slovenian history. The organization, which has sent a total of 283 tonnes of aid to war-affected countries in 20 shipments so far, states that the situation there is in increasing need of help.

The need for humanitarian aid in Ukraine is increasing day by day, Mira Miravec of Caritas-Spes Ukraine said at a press conference Thursday. She added that people are now most in need of psychosocial and logistics support.

Caritas Slovenia is responsible for the transportation of cargo to Mukachevo and Lviv, and Caritas-Specs Ukraine ensures that aid arrives at many endangered destinations, but in some areas It’s still difficult to reach.

In addition to numerous individuals, institutions, associations and schools, more than 350 Slovenian companies have also donated to Ukraine. Jana Lampe, Head of International Assistance for Caritas Slovenia, emphasized that pharmaceutical company Krka has donated € 200,000 worth of medicines.

Caritas Slovenia welcomed the cooperation with the Slovenian Business Club, which raised € 101,000 through a charity red ball to help children in Ukraine. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has raised € 200,000 through Caritas International.

Caritas Slovenia is also responsible for two humanitarian campaigns dedicated to Ukrainian refugees in Moldova and Poland. Caritas Slovenia has raised more than 3 million euros for Ukraine so far

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