Carnival Outlines Opportunities New Port Offers GB Residents

When Carnival Cruise Lines opens a new port in East Grand Bahamas, the cruise giant will not only create 1,000 jobs and create new opportunities for local businesses, but will also serve the world’s largest cruise line with up to 1 million passengers. We promise to provide one of the ports. annual visitor.

Carnival broke ground on May 12 at the multi-million dollar cruise port in Sharp Rock, East Grand Bahamas.

On Thursday evening, David Candib, Cruise Line’s Vice President of Global Ports and Destinations Development, opened a two-day Cruise Port Development Information Conference to provide a business overview to share the various components of construction and opportunities for residents. explained.

A two-day event was held at the Grand Lucayan Resort.

Carnival’s 329-acre port project is expected to provide a variety of short- and long-term opportunities for the people of Grand Bahamas.

However, in the early stages, which are mostly dredging and offshore work, Candib said 60 to 90 days will engage an international contractor to perform the specialized work.

“We wanted to provide an update on when we will be able to see the various elements of construction on site, both at sea and on land. not,” he said.

“As we said, the goal is to have the port open in the second half of 2024, so the goal is to make the timing more clear. There is an opportunity for companies to take advantage of it.”

Not the entire property will be developed. 30% will remain as a nature reserve and the remaining 20% ​​as green space.

According to Candib, Carnival’s goal is to showcase all things Bahamas has to offer, including art, culture, food, junkanoo, and more, while offering guests unique experiences such as a shore excursion dock.

“This is the first time Grand Bahama will offer guests a ship to pick them up at the port and return,” he said.

“This is what we want to do in partnership with the community of Grand Bahama, the government, and the Ministry of Grand Bahama, so it is especially important to us.”

Khandib added that Carnival would hire companies to support construction in areas such as plumbing, road construction, fencing, landscaping, electricity and roofing. Includes crafts, art, apparel, and jewelry.

He said at the new port, Carnival is working to increase cruise arrivals to the island.

“The port is designed to accommodate two of the largest ships in operation today with 6,500 passengers, like Mardi Gras, but double that,” Candib said. . “So it’s pretty amazing.”

Hundreds of people will be working on the project over the next two and a half years, according to Candib, once the first phase begins.

“There will be employment opportunities, either through marine contractors or land-based contractors,” he said.

“This will continue until around spring or summer 2024, when we start direct hiring. It said 1,000 new jobs were created.

“Truly, this employment benefit is beneficial to all Bahamian businesses and entrepreneurs who want to open shops and restaurants in the port. It will create the most jobs.”

Kaptin Korn entrepreneur Lisa Turnquest, who attended both sessions, was optimistic about the potential business opportunities.

“I believe today’s event marks the beginning of a much-needed avalanche of entrepreneurial opportunities for the people of Grand Bahamian that we have never seen before,” said Turnquest.

“The biggest challenge that has impacted Grand Bahama so far is critical mass.

“So many bright and innovative ideas have been shelved and stagnated because there are not enough people on this island willing to spend money. This opportunity allows entrepreneurs to bring their ideas and creations to a market ready to consume: tourists.”

She added that Carnival’s approach appears to be very strategic, structured and comprehensive. It’s also a unique approach to how projects at Grand Bahama are typically done.

“Certainly for me, this is the first time I see a Grand Bahamian invited to the table to bring together ideas, products and services in a mutually beneficial way with large investors,” Turnquest said. said.

“I am excited about the possibilities and future of this island.”

Carnival officials encouraged participants to visit the cruise company’s website regularly as information would be updated as the project progressed.

Individuals may apply for contract or permanent employment offers.

Grand Bahamas Minister Ginger Moxey said:

“The transformation of East Grand Bahama and the enhancement of our island tourism offering will position us as one of Carnival’s most popular destinations, offering cruises and an unparalleled authentic Bahamian experience. .”

She predicted that the new cruise port would be the envy of the Caribbean.

“Grand Bahama will be a destination for events and entertainment in the Bahamas and the region,” said Moxie.

“When this project is complete, the world will be able to discover what we already know: there is something unique about Grand Bahama and its people.”

Grand Bahama Ports Authority (GBPA) President Ian Rolle told attendees that the growth of the cruise industry will strengthen the GBPA’s vision of creating critical mass for the islands, adding that the new port will attract 1 million passengers in its first year. emphasized Carnival’s guarantee to bring passengers from .

“I think we are well on our way to achieving much-needed critical mass at Grand Bahama,” said Rolle.

Alfred Knowles of Electrical Installation and Maintenance Co. Ltd. said the Carnival presentation was very informative.

“They gave us the schedule for the project,” says Knowles.

“They listed each phase and shared how to apply when a job opening came up.”

For businessmen, the most exciting news was the opportunity for Grand Bahamian.

“If you’re interested, it could be quite profitable,” Knowles said. “This looks good for Grand Bahama.”

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