Cases of bird flu found in Cyprus

The Ministry of Agriculture’s Veterinary Service has announced a case of bird flu or bird flu in Cyprus.

Avian influenza is a viral epidemic caused by influenza A virus. Healthy poultry can become infected directly from other infected poultry or indirectly through infected objects. Bird flu usually spreads from one country to another through migratory birds.

The cases were found in two private collections of waterfowl in the Famagusta district, and the premises where the disease manifested were isolated.

From the first moment, poultry owners and veterinarians have been informed and their attention is being directed to strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus, the announcement said.

At the same time, the Veterinary Service contacts the EU Reference Laboratory and sends samples of any diseases detected.

They also notified poultry owners to restrict birds to enclosed areas to avoid direct or indirect contact with wild birds.

Veterinary Services urges owners who notice increased morbidity and/or mortality in birds they believe may be ill to notify the District Veterinary Office or the nearest police station at the following numbers: rice field.

Nicosia District Veterinary Office, Phone: 22 805241

Larnaca District Veterinary Office, Tel 24 821275

Famagusta District Veterinary Office, Phone: 24 824555

Limassol District Veterinary Office, Phone: 25 819512

Paphos District Veterinary Office, Phone: 26 821261 Cases of bird flu found in Cyprus

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