Casey White and Vicky White: Did you find them? What’s the latest news?

Casey White, who fled Alabama, and Vicky White, a former Lauderdale County prison officer, were arrested Monday after a vehicle crash during police pursuit in Evansville, Indiana. Vicky White, who has nothing to do with Casey White, died on Monday night after being hospitalized for an injury such as a gunshot wound due to self-harm. CNN..

According to her, she is believed to have helped Casey White in escaping a detention center in Lauderdale County. CNN..

preliminary report: On Monday evening, a U.S. Marshals Service in the Evansville area was tracking a vehicle driven by Casey White with Vicky White in the passenger seat.

  • The vehicle crashed and Casey White surrendered to the police. Vicky White was taken to the hospital because of a shooting injury caused by self-harm. WVTM Birmingham.. No officers or civilians were injured during the chase.
  • The pair was previously found at the hotel, followed by police. According to them, they were believed to have been in Evansville since May 3rd. CNN..
  • On Monday, a U.S. marshal released a photo of what appears to be Casey White, captured in surveillance footage at a car wash in Evansville.It was reported that this was the first time he was found after escaping a detention center in Lauderdale County. CNN..

Who is Casey White? Casey White was charged with murder in 2020 for stabbing a 58-year-old woman. By the time he confessed to the murder, he had already been sentenced to 75 years in 2015 for “criminal dispersal,” including carjacking, burglary, and police pursuit. CBS News..

Case timeline: according to Fox newsThese are the events that happened in the case:

  • Friday, April 29: Vicky White, assistant director of the Corrections Bureau at Lauderdale County Detention Center, told a colleague that she would take Casey White to the county office for a “mental health assessment.” She also said she was sick and she would see a doctor later. Neither of these claims turned out to be true, and Vicky White was seen in a surveillance video leading Casey White from prison to a parked car. They did not return to the detention center.
  • Monday, May 2: Lauderdale County Police issued an arrest warrant for Vicky White. They believed she might have been forced to participate in Casey White’s escape.
  • Tuesday, May 3: The County Sheriff’s Office confirmed a “special relationship” between Casey White and Vicky White, confirmed through advice from other inmates. They also received a hint that the couple was driving a Ford Edge and could be in Rogersville, Alabama, armed with a shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle.
  • Wednesday, May 4: Police have announced that Vicky White is no longer employed by the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office. She was scheduled to retire on April 29, but she never filled out the paperwork.
  • Friday, May 6: US Marshals Service announced that it has found a vehicle that Casey White and Vicky White used after leaving the detention center.
  • Saturday, May 7: Police released a video showing Vicky White at Quality Inn in Florence, Alabama. She left the detention center with Casey White in the morning.
  • Monday, May 9: Police found a second vehicle allegedly used by the couple on the day they left the detention center on April 29. He also released footage from the car wash before the aforementioned police chase and car accident. Casey White surrendered to authorities, and Vicky White died after being hospitalized for injuries, including gunshot wounds from self-harm.

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