“Catastrophic” power outage warning in the event of a storm or cyberattack

Experts warn that a storm, a shortage of fossil fuels, or a cyberattack on an IT system connected to the Irish power grid could cause a catastrophic power outage.

Cyber ​​attacks on grid-connected IT systems are “unlikely”, according to a new report from the Utility Regulatory Commission, but such events can have disastrous consequences and can last for days on a large scale. It may cause a power outage.

As reported by Irish examinerThe report evaluated 26 scenarios to identify the potential risks faced by the power supply and suggested strategies to avoid these situations.

The scenarios investigated included extreme weather events, natural disasters, primary energy shortages, infrastructure shortfalls, and malicious attacks.

The report warned that storms, cold spells, or heat waves could have a significant impact on the grid, and global warming is making such events more common.

According to the Commission, large-scale storms such as Storm Darwin in 2014 could have a serious impact on the country’s power grid and could be out of power for three days.

The report notes that ongoing problems with fossil fuel supply can also have a “catastrophic effect” on energy supply, and the impact of such shortages on electricity supply is that of wind power at the time. He added that availability would be “significantly affected.”

X “Catastrophic” power outage warning in the event of a storm or cyberattack

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