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CBK-KBA Launches Awareness Campaign for Bank Fraud

Kuwait: The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) and the Kuwait Bankers Association (KBA) have announced the launch of the “Diraya” (Be Aware) campaign for the second consecutive year. Campaign activities aim to spread financial awareness to the wider segments of society and raise public awareness of the role of the banking sector and how customers can take advantage of the bank’s diverse services.

At a press conference in a CBK statement, bank governor Dr. Mohammad al-Hasher said the launch of the second year’Diraya’awareness campaign was for positive feedback on the first campaign launched in early 2021. I said there is. CBK is managed by KBA with the participation of all Kuwait Banks. He emphasized that such campaigns are a great way to educate customers about their rights and were directed by the CBK through instructions to the banking sector.

In his second round, this campaign covers a variety of topics, including email, text messages, phone calls, and other scams that target customers in different ways, fraud, and awareness raising to avoid cybercrime. I pointed out that I am doing it. Get sensitive banking information such as account numbers, passwords and OTP numbers. In addition to highlighting other trending topics, the second campaign reiterated last year’s theme in a new and catchy way.

The Governor will continue to raise financial awareness in light of the rapidly evolving banks and financial services and products that have benefited from the telecommunications and digitization revolution and have expanded to meet the growing needs of their customers. I reconfirmed my efforts. Undoubtedly, this poses challenges and risks that must be faced by involving customers in the process of protecting data, maintaining confidentiality, and raising financial awareness.

The campaign will utilize various communication channels such as awareness videos, press releases and introductory materials, especially online channels such as CBK, KBA, Kuwait’s bank social media accounts, bank branches and other contacts with the general public. It is worth noting that it is. To spread the message of the campaign widely.

The first year’s campaign includes the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Interior, the Capital Markets Authority, Kuwait Banking Sector units, and other entities. – Kuna

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/cbk-kba-launch-awareness-campaign-against-bank-fraud/ CBK-KBA Launches Awareness Campaign for Bank Fraud

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