Cement factory donates land for conservation in island’s first

Vassiliko Cement Works donated four pieces of land covering an area of ​​about 45,000 square meters to the environmental NGO Terra Cypria on Friday.

Located within the Natura 2000 reserve, the land in the Hagia Ekaterini and Hagia Paraskevi valleys is a breeding ground for bird species such as peregrine falcons, European rollers, Cypriot sweetears and masked shrikes.

A statement issued by Terracypria following the announcement of the donation said the land remains a protected area and no construction work is permitted.

“This is a very important step for Cyprus and a perfect demonstration of ongoing conservation and management efforts,” Terra Cypria Executive Director Levkios Sergides told Cyprus Mail.

“Companies donating land that falls within designated protected areas is very common in other EU member states, but it is a first for Cyprus.”

Conservation management through land acquisition is still relatively uncharted territory on the island, Sergides said, but the example set by Vasilico Cement Works could represent an important first step. added.

“Companies that own private land that goes into protected areas can donate them to NGOs to protect the flora and fauna and receive compensation,” he said.

“Cyprus is not yet accustomed to such practices, but it is certainly a possibility worth investigating.” Cement factory donates land for conservation in island’s first

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