Center closed despite continued need among Ukrainian refugees

Aug 16, 2022 11:24 Me premium content

Interest in volunteering is also waning.

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Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia still need help, but the Ministry of Interior has made it a one-stop place for Ukrainians to obtain temporary refuge status, find accommodation, receive medical assistance and register for benefits. We are gradually closing down large detention centers that provide

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At the beginning of the Russian invasion, more than 10,000 Ukrainians fled across the border into Slovakia every day.

By spring, however, that number had dwindled to just a few thousand. However, this has recently increased and on 10 August he arrived with 3,308 refugees.

Meanwhile, as the number of refugees dwindles, so too does interest in volunteer assistance. When the war started, hundreds of people came to humanitarian aid centers, often with baskets full of food, but today things are different and how long can centers stay open? is being re-evaluated.

However, many refugees continue to reach them in need of food and other material assistance.

“If a mother brings in three children of her own and two of her sister’s, she is unemployed. will be” Bratislava.

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Only 2 centers with high capacity open

The first point of contact for foreigners, the large center in Nitra, western Slovakia, has been closed since 8 August. Ivona Fraňová, the city’s diplomatic relations and cooperation adviser, said she learned about the closure. when she read about it in the newspaper. is here to help. ” data-msg-btn-logout=”Login as a different user” data-msg-btn-close=”Keep me signed in” > Center closed despite continued need among Ukrainian refugees

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