Central Bank Establishes Payment Commission – Romanian Journal

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The Board of Directors of the National Bank of Romania has decided to establish a payment committee. This organization will play an advisory role and support the NBR Board in promoting and monitoring the proper functioning of payment systems and payment instruments in Romania and fulfilling their obligations related to the approval and supervision of services and payment instruments. ..

The new committee will support the development of the payment market by strengthening the retail payment market, identifying the measures necessary to develop the integrated payment market, increasing the security of payments, and maintaining the trust of users. Submit a proposal for measures. Payment tools and services. It also monitors technological advances and market developments in the field of payment services at the national level and establishes strategies in the field of payments that take into account the impact of European, international and domestic regulations on payments in the Romanian payment market. To do.

At the same time, the Payments Commission is committed to increasing financial inclusion in terms of payment services, tools used, and associated costs, while promoting close cooperation between the parties involved in the provision of payment services and financial products. The purpose is to identify barriers.

NBR can invite representatives of Romanian payment service providers to the Commission’s meeting. This includes FinTech-type companies and business environments, central government authorities, and other organizations with relevant responsibilities in the area of ​​payments. press release. Central Bank Establishes Payment Commission – Romanian Journal

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