Chairman of Russian oil company Lukoil dies after falling out of hospital window

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Ravil Maganov, chairman of the board of Russian oil company Lukoil, has died after falling out of a hospital window in Moscow. report Thursday, September 1st.

Ravil Maganov

The 67-year-old man allegedly fell from the sixth floor while being treated at the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow. “This morning Maganov fell out of a window in the Central Clinical Hospital ward. He died of his injuries,” a source told Interfax.

Central Clinical Hospital Confirmed A comment to RIA Novosti reported Maganov’s death, but gave no further details.and press statementLukoil said that Maganov “died after a serious illness.”

According to Telegram channel mash, Maganov was being treated for heart disease and had been diagnosed with depression.An anonymous source said RIA Novosti The oil executive probably died by suicide. However, this has not been independently confirmed.

telegram channel bazaar report Maganov “might have accidentally fallen” from the balcony while smoking.

Lukoil, Russia’s largest privately held oil producer, publicly urged Moscow ends all-out invasion of Ukraine. “We call for an early end to the armed conflict and express our heartfelt sympathy for all victims affected by this tragedy. We strongly support a lasting ceasefire and resolution of the issue through serious negotiations and diplomacy. We will,” the company’s board said in a statement in March.

Maganov I participated He served on Lukoil’s Board of Directors in 1993 and became Chairman of the Board in 2020. Since 2006, he has also served as the company’s first Vice President.

Russian police in May Open A criminal case after Lukoil’s top manager, Alexander Subbotin, was found dead in the basement of a house near Moscow. Chairman of Russian oil company Lukoil dies after falling out of hospital window

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