Changpeng Zhao refutes claims that Binance is in China’s pocket

Zhao Changpeng refutes claims that Binance is in China’s pockets, prompting skeptics and conspiracy theorists to accuse Binance of being a criminal enterprise with ties to the Chinese government.

CZ’s response to the criticism stems from a Twitter discussion with a former Washington Post writer who asked him a question on Sept. 1.

“While you are here, who is Guangying Chen?”

He added that the questions corresponded to a conspiracy theory that claimed that his personal friend and Chinese man, Chen Guangying, was the owner of the secret. Busier Tech (the company he founded in 2015) and possibly Binance.

Meanwhile, CZ explains that Chen was a colleague he met through a friend, who was hired at Bijie Tech to “manage the back office” before being rehired at Binance, leading conspiracy theorists to identify her as the secret owner. Link added, because she was one of the first few left in China.

According to Scam Binance, Chen once owned a 93% stake in both Bijie Tech and Binance. According to CZ, such claims arose from “an old campaign conducted by a rival via his anonymous website.”

“As a result, both she and her family have been targeted and harassed by media and online trolls. I wouldn’t have asked her to do something like that.

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CZ also flatly denied that his company had any material ties to China and its government, and even described horrific personal and commercial encounters with Chinese authorities. Changpeng Zhao refuted claims that Binance is in Chinese pockets, stating:

“The biggest challenge facing Binance today is that we (and all other offshore exchanges) have been designated as a criminal organization in China. It’s bent backwards to portray it as a “Chinese company”. ”

CZ believes the malicious assumption stems from the fact that he and several other Binance employees are of Chinese ancestry, and that Binance is a special group that disrespects our business, media and more likely to be targeted by governments.

“We have employees of Chinese descent, and presumably because I am of Chinese descent, I am secretly in the pockets of the Chinese government,” he said.

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