Charcoal makers say Bahamans are “totally responsible” for the illegal harvesting of pine trees – Eye Witness News

The Bahamas, Nassau — According to Bahamian charcoal makers and farmers for over 30 years, the Bahamans are “fully responsible” for deforestation of the pine trees in Crownland, southern New Providence.

Godgrey Higgs, owner of EZ Lite Native Charcoal, said he is processing organic charcoal using certain trees on the cleared or fallen land under construction. Witness news He believes that a much smaller group of Haitian communities are trying to process those trees for charcoal.

“The Bahamans are completely responsible for it. I mean what’s happening right now,” Higgs said.

EZ Lite native charcoal

“But the Haitians did it long ago-when I was reporting them-on a smaller scale.

“But they (the Bahamans) pushed down all these 20 or 25 acres of pine trees and didn’t replace any of them, so the Haitians are just picking them up.

“If you find them doing it, put them in court and, if possible, send them to jail.

“With me, I don’t cut trees.

“They (contractors) bring trees [to me] Instead of taking them to the garbage dump.

“If I’m working on heavy equipment and I have to build a house like Coral Harbor or a place with lots of trees.”

Cease and desist orders have been issued to many individuals occupying or using the royal territory without approval, but the government identifies those responsible for illegal clearing of pine forests and areas marked as water tables. Is required.

Lincoln Bain, leader of the Coalition of Independents, expressed concern about people breaking trees and burning for coal in fields near Barcadi Road, claiming he had caught some individuals in the “deficit.” Did.

Screenshot taken from a video posted by Lincoln Bain.

Bain claimed that the criminal was a descendant of Haiti, but National Security Minister Wayne Munro said last week that about 500 acres of land illegally cleared in southern New Providence since July 2021 were Bahamian jobs. Said there is.

In a controversial video, Bain was seen firing a shot at night while warning Haitians about cutting down and burning protected trees. Can you hear me

“Don’t come back, and we’re serious about it.”

Authorities asked Bain about the issue and have since seized his semi-automatic shotgun.

Since then, Munro has warned that violators have 14 days to stop their activities as authorities are preparing to launch offensive operations in the area, and Bain tells the Bahamans. Described as an attack, they warned that they would oppose it.

Wayne Munro, Minister of National Security

Asked if the contractor knows the source of the trees he offers, Higgs says he works with a selected group that knows their business and the projects they are working on. I did.

He also stated that his company has been used to remove trees and debris after a hurricane, which are processed and stored for coal to mature and crystallize in tonnes. ..

He also said that pine trees burned for coal are dangerous to the environment as they break strong winds for hurricanes, consumers, and protection.

Yesterday, Mr Higgs said the government had long been aware of who did not act responsibly.

“They have all the trees [being] Reduce They know that the tractors were just pushing down the trees and people didn’t have permission to push them down.

“You now know what will happen to us.

“They cut everything around the border. [acted] Like our mountains … break through the winds of that hurricane and control the flood of water. They pushed down the trees, and now it rained one night and flooded. There is no tree to stop the water. “

Launched in 2011, EZ Lite Native Charcoal has 27 authorized retailers selling coal. Charcoal makers say Bahamans are “totally responsible” for the illegal harvesting of pine trees – Eye Witness News

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