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Chariot completes “very successful” drilling

Morocco-focused oil and gas company Chariot has successfully completed gas drilling work on the Anchois gas project under a Lixus license off the coast of Morocco.

Chariot, which announced the discovery of “converted” gas at Anchowa’s well last week, has partnered with Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines (“ONHYM”), which holds a 25% stake, to operate with a 75% stake in Lixus. I have the right.

According to Chariot, the first discovery well excavated in 2009, Anchois-1, was identified, the wellhead was inspected, prepared, well coupled with the Stena Don rig, and potential execution as a future production well. The possibility has been confirmed.

To maintain efficiency, a decision was made not to take sand A gas samples in the Anchois-1 well, and gas samples were successfully taken in the previously excavated Anchois-2 wells.

“The operation of Anchois-1 will be completed in a well that is potentially available for future development in this area,” said Chariot.

Also, Chariot was excavated shortly before the operation of the Anchois-1 well and succeeded in evaluation and exploration purposes with a net wage of over 100 m, the Anchois-2 well is already due to its potential completion as a production well. He said it was stopped safely and efficiently. Future development of the field.

“Extensive data recovered from multiple gas discoveries in the Anchois-2 well, which includes 12 gas samples across the 7 gas-containing reservoirs currently being sent to the laboratory for further analysis. Included from a comprehensive subterranean formation test program recovered. “The company added that Stena Don’s semi-submersible drilling rig will soon begin demobilization from the well site.Credit: Chariot

Amina BenkadoraThe Secretary-General of the National de Hydrocarbre et de Mines said: Covid-19 Pandemic Limits. We look forward to working with Chariot to expedite gas development. “

Adonis Pouloris, Chariot’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer said: “We are pleased to announce the completion of a very successful anchoice gas assessment and exploration campaign off the coast of Morocco. The number of potential customers in the Lixus licensed area.”

“Our goal is to bring Anchoice’s gas development online as quickly as possible, not only to drive Morocco’s economic growth, but also to provide the company with short-term cash flow. We aim to further analyze and optimize. As part of an accelerated field development plan for the benefit of all stakeholders, both wells have been designated as potential production wells. Field development plan. “

“Thanks again to ONHYM, our licensing partners, all Moroccan authorities involved, and the tank drilling team, Stena, Halliburton and other contractors for making these drilling operations safe. As we are very excited about the commercial potential of the expanded Anchois field, along with these positive results and the significant benefits of the wider Lixus licensing area, we plan to update the market in more detail. Eventually the result of our further analysis. “

Previously, Chariot’s development concept consisted of submarine production wells connected to submarine manifolds, from which submarine flow lines and umbilicals connected the field to a central treatment facility on land, where gas was processed. Maglev-said to be supplied to European gas. A pipeline via an onshore gas flow line.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493593-chariot-completes-very-successful-drilling-campaign-offshore-morocco Chariot completes “very successful” drilling

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