Charity Kayak Taking on New Challenges in Support of the Inspire Foundation

The duo behind Kayak for Charity, Dorian Vassallo and Albert Gambina, are taking on a new challenge this year with the aim of continuing to support the Inspire Foundation Malta.

This time, to support Inspire, the two canoe around the island of Malta.

Last year, the pair paddled over 1,000km from Malta to Sicily, spending about a month making the trip around Sicily. This year the duo will embark on a new adventure and will be the first to paddle his OC1 around Malta with the support of the Inspire Foundation.

Albert and Dorian, used in competitive sports, are the only owners of OC1 canoes in Malta and through this initiative will be the first time OC1 will be paddling around Malta. One of the most obvious challenges is that the stroke and seat are completely different from those of a kayak. Albert and Dorian may have to endure severe back pain to complete the route. Also, food and drink must be rationed as storage space on board is very limited. Moreover, they paddle this journey without assistance.

The distance of this journey is 42 nautical miles, or approximately 75 km. The journey takes just over 12 hours and is highly weather dependent. The pair will be on this new paddle journey in August following the Feast of Santa Maria.

In 2021, Dorian and Albert were able to raise €20,000 for the Inspire Foundation. I’m aiming to break my personal record this year. For those interested in supporting Kayak for Charity through this journey, you can send a donation by clicking one of the donation buttons on this page.

If you would like to donate more than the options available, please email us. [email protected] to make your donation. Charity Kayak Taking on New Challenges in Support of the Inspire Foundation

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