Charlie Munger is still one of BTC’s biggest haters

Charlie Munger, the right-hand man of Warren Buffett (CEO of real estate giant Berkshire Hathaway), was never a fan of Bitcoin. his latest interviewhe will never be.

Charlie Munger makes clear his hatred of crypto

In a recent discussion, Munger said of Bitcoin and crypto:

Sometimes I call it crypto-crappo, sometimes crypto sh*t.

at the age of 99, Munger It’s been around for some time. He’s probably gotten used to how money worked 40, 30, or even his 20 years ago. Bitcoin and the technology behind it are probably beyond his brain, and we can’t help but think that his extreme hatred of the world’s number one digital currency has something to do with age.

Roughly, Munger leaves no room for dissent. He hates Bitcoin and cannot tell anyone it has positive qualities. Following his first comment above, he said:

I think people who disagree with my position are idiots.

He then proceeded to attack the cipher as if it were the worst thing ever invented. he said:

I’m not stupid at all. that’s very stupid. It’s worthless, it’s useless, it’s crazy, it’s only harmful, and it’s anti-social to allow it. It is an indescribable, absolute terror that many people believe in this kind of crap and are ashamed of my country where the government allows it to exist. Completely, absolutely, insanely silly gambling with odds.

Munger helped Buffett build Berkshire Hathaway from the ground up. The company grew big by acquiring companies like Geico and See’s Candies. Both men put significant sums into stocks of companies such as Coca-Cola and American Express. Clearly, these decisions have paid off. So it’s hard to say that Munger isn’t an investment genius.

Still, geniuses can miss certain things. Munger told listeners not only to avoid cryptocurrencies, but also companies and even people who are digging into cryptocurrencies, saying that if a friend owns bitcoin, that friend is probably no longer considered a friend. It is implied that it should not be This is a bit silly and neglects some important facts.

omission of some important points

Why doesn’t Munger, for example, mention the idea that Bitcoin has survived despite some ups and downs?

Sure prices have gone down, but all investment prices go down at some point. What matters is how these investments survive in a bleeding market, and Bitcoin has shown extreme resilience in this sense.

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