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This summer, from July 4th to September 4th, more than 200 cultural events will be held at the Creative Hub of Eforie Sud Summer Garden. This is all thanks to the Eco Art Festival of Eforie Folia. Developed in collaboration with European cultural institutions, diplomatic missions and international film festivals, Eforie Colorat is an alternative meeting place right next to the Black Sea and the first place on the Romanian seaside dedicated to contemporary art. ..

Access to this edition of the event is free.

You can see detailed information about the festival here..

A fascinating story of a forgotten era Carmen Silva Barneyary Resorts have the potential to inspire those who want to extend their nostalgic summer dreams to a concrete process of sustainable development. The Eforie Colorat Festival regains the memory, culture and charm of a forgotten place. This place can be immeasurable, but unexplored. “Romania’s oldest seaside resort is betting on culture as part of its rehab process. We create an alternative space where creatives can use art and dialogue as a way to meet the public and question society. In addition, the theme of cultural-focused tourism potential, sustainable development, and ethical utilization of growth opportunities is by Charlie Ottelie, a British journalist renowned for his documentary series. Will be taken up. Romanian taste Also Wild carpathia.. He will attend the Efolly Colorado Festival as a special guest, attending discourse and film screenings in August.

The second edition of the Eforie Colorat Eco Festival, which brings together different genres and interdisciplinary views on contemporary art, will host 200 events at the Eforie Sud Summer Garden. It’s an attempt to address topics such as simplicity and nature in an era when technology is changing everything from the role and sensation of artistic action to the means of expression. Developed in collaboration with European cultural institutions, diplomatic missions and international film festivals, Eforie Colorat hosts daily events such as film screenings, concerts, discussions, art exhibitions, eco-themed performances and workshops. .. , And between traditional exhibition halls and public spaces. Poetry recitals and photo exhibitions conclude this summer’s cultural program with classical, experimental, alternative music nights, blues and jazz concerts, and Cine Concert moments. There is also a bar area, a children’s playground and a pop library.

The festival begins at 6 pm on Monday, July 4, followed by acoustic concerts by Alexandra (Focșa) and Rosta Man Acoustic Night, followed by the screening of “Tu, ălacumustaţă”. A little boy who grew up in Romania in the 90’s.

Eforie Colorat brings to the community a series of forgotten places that have been abandoned and slowly deteriorating over the last three decades, including the old summer gardens, Romania’s largest cultural space on the coast. “The festival came together because we needed an alternative to mainstream events. We talk about the revitalization of abandoned cultural spaces and provide excellent practices that are very useful for community development and local tourism. Our program has already influenced higher regional scales and is now bringing a larger audience closer to the contemporary art scene. Proving that art is a common foundation on which change can occur. It’s an attempt, “says Emil Cristian Ghiță, one of the co-founders of this project. This year’s edition summarizes environmental issues and the hot topics of today’s world through four major interrelated sections: film, alternative music, art exhibitions or interventions, and discussions on ecology and environmental awareness. It is done.

movie.. This year, more than 50 film nights will be held at the outdoor cinema, with more than 200 screenings from cultural institutions, diplomatic agencies and European film festivals, including short films, animations, Romanian films and international art cinemas. I will. Since Monday aims to relax after a long and busy weekend, the film will begin every Tuesday at 8:30 pm and will partner with the Short Film Festival to show a series of award-winning short films. .. Wednesday will be devoted to Romanian films, including films brought by “Caravana Filmului Românesc” such as “Octav” and “Funeralii fericite”, and Thursday will be assigned to animated films such as “Turning Red” and “The Secret Life of Pets”. .. European films and documentaries from cultural institutions will be screened on Fridays and Saturdays. Sunday will be dedicated to acclaimed films such as “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” and “Dune.”

“I think a city without a cinema is a sad one, and I think the Eforie Colorat team is full of dreamy ambitions in their efforts to keep the cinema open during the peak summer season. increase.” To tell Aida Economy, actress

Music and visual arts Bucharest-based gallery ETAJ Artist Run Space That subspace is moving this summer ETAJ on the wheel, To Eforie Sud Summer Garden. The works of three contemporary artists, Mirusia Louwerse, Lucian Sandu Millea and Anna Christina Tohma, will be on display here.

In addition, Irina Botea (artist) has created different types of performances and experimental video documents to give local landmarks a new artistic meaning. Therefore, the famous Lake Techirghiol mud becomes the theme of actionable intervention, inspiring parties and Mud graffiti workshop. There is also a pottery workshop led by potter Anna Stroy and a creative recycling workshop for children. The iconic figures of Spanish cinema and the work of Swedish designers are the two themes of the photo exhibition. When it comes to music, artists Diana Milon and Laurenciu Kossak turn local sounds recorded in natural environments such as the Bay Area, Lake Tekirgior and the nearby forest nature reserve into experimental music. In addition, this summer will be accompanied by classical guitar concerts, classical music, and blues sounds.

10 days of ecology. AggressiON / OFF: Public, Private, Natural: A series of discussions and discourses that touch on topics such as the cessation of aggression to nature in the broader context of new consumer behavior, or geopolitical changes and their most likely impact on understanding such concepts. And as a practical intervention ecology and environmental awareness. The tranquility of meaningful debate can be found in an objective space that counteracts socio-cultural attributes and welcomes people as simple beings, along with sand, grass, snails and birds. Artists with a background of activists such as Lia and Dan Perjovschi, or environmentalists such as Cristian Neagoe, work with journalists and designers to actually achieve the Net Zero goal in the context of the current global energy crisis. Discuss the solution. The devastating effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis it caused have revealed multiple layers of attacks at various levels with respect to people, nations and the environment. Paved by globalization, an ecological, pandemic, and geopolitical tension, this process is from the invaders unknowingly consumed by humans in countless states, to the creators of the surrounding reality, and even to the ideal. It’s a broader context, even to the subconscious. Of a meditative being who abandons it sociocultural identity to return to nature. The Aggressi ON / OFF segment of the project will take place not only in summer gardens, but also in various parts of the beach, promoting community awareness and community involvement in ecosystem commitments.

“Eforie Colorat touches on important issues, issues that are being discussed globally, so this place is in sync with everything that is happening now in the wise world.” To tell Dan Perjovschi, visual artist

Seaside Museum.Carmen Silva Archive Rehabilitation.. From its founding in 1889 to the present day, Eforie Sud Resort has undergone name and restructuring, all of which have left its mark on both the community and the infrastructure. The Seaside Archives project is an interdisciplinary team of artists and theorists, anthropologists, biologists with unique phytophagous knowledge, and experts in the fields of document and heritage archiving, digitization, and preservation. It is a collaboration of. “We were able to record over 50 buildings of high architectural value, collect over 300 relics and study the development stage of the town. In the process, the family who founded the town. I came across a fascinating story with a series of documents that can trace the history of the project. In the future, I would like to extend this project to nearby resorts, and in order to realize the Seaside Museum, We need a strong partner, “says the festival organizer. The Seaside Museum, an initiative that records resorts from the late 19th century to the communist and post-communist era, aims to strengthen Romania’s seaside cultural system and redefine it as a strategic point. It’s part of a big plan. Very economical, multicultural and touristy value.

Eforie Colorat The Eforie Colorat Festival was launched in 2021 as a complex cultural program dedicated to both tourists and the local community, as well as artists and environmentalists who participate in Eforie Sud’s series of artistic settlements each year. .. Organized by the Forumul Artelor Vizuale NGO and in collaboration with the Czech Center Bucharest and the city hall of Eforie Sud, the Eforie Colorat project aims to revitalize the cultural space on the Black Sea coast through contemporary art. Once an elite hotspot in Bucharest and one of Europe’s most visited resorts, Eforie Sud has become almost abandoned in the fog of consumer enthusiasm. The region’s largest open-air theater with the largest screen, the Summer Garden, has slowly deteriorated over the last three decades and eventually became abandoned. It has been revived by the determination of the organizer, and it is now possible to regain its original glory. Eforie Colorat brings together arts communities, local and central government representatives, and activist organizations to participate in a common effort to develop rehabilitation solutions and regain the appeal of the once-held Eforie Sud.

“Probably one of the brightest festivals I’ve ever been to. I enjoy Eforie Colorat. It’s a cool organization, as well as a cultural and artistic expression that suits today’s sensibilities. It also provides this notion of returning the general public to the form. ” To tell Robert Obbert, visual artist Charlie Otry, Special Guest at the Efolly Colorado Festival – Romanian Journal

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