Chechen leader travels to Mariupol: Report

According to Russian media reports, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov arrived in the confused southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol to boost fighter morale.

Chechen fighters are participating in Russian military operations in pro-West Ukraine.

Ukraine states that in Mariupol, about 160,000 civilians are surrounded by Russian troops, leaving little or no food, water and medicine.

“Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov is in Mariupol to enhance the fighting spirit of our fighters,” Chechen State Political Minister Dzhokhar Dudayev told the state news agency RIA Novosti.

The news agency posted a group photo of Kadyrov with MP Adam Delimkanov and about 20 Chechen fighters, including what looks like a boy in a bright room adorned with Russian flags. ..

Dudayev said that 45-year-old Kadyrov was promoted to lieutenant general by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Officially, Kadyrov belonged to the National Guard and previously had the rank of Major General.

Images on Russian television broadcast allegedly showed that Kadyrov met a man in Mariupol who stated that one of the Ukrainian authorities’ generals, Lieutenant Andrey Mordvichev, had been killed.

Dudayev told RIA Novosti that Kadyrov had attended a meeting with Mordvichev and other commanders.

He said Kadyrov would help “correct and finalize strategies for further action over the next few days to free Mariupol.”

Kadyrov, a former warlord who became an ally of the Kremlin, wrote in Telegram that “the purification of the city of Mariupol is completely tilted.”

“Russian soldiers are moving from building to building to free Mariupol from Nazi bandits,” he added.

“As always, our fighters have a magnificent spirit. Neither the squall wind nor the bombardment from large caliber weapons breaks the will to victory,” Kadyrov wrote.

“In a very short time, Mariupol’s will be completely released.” Chechen leader travels to Mariupol: Report

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