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Check out the ‘amazing’ health benefits of grapes

Fresno: Dr. John Pezuto and a team from the University of Western New England recently published a study showing that grape consumption not only has a “shocking” effect on health and longevity, but a “wonderful” one.

A study published in the journal Foods found that the typical high-fat diet in Western countries could be improved by including just under two cups of grapes per day, leading to a reduction in fatty liver and an increase in life expectancy.

Pettuto, who has written more than 600 scientific studies, says these studies give a whole new meaning to the adage “you are what you eat”, and studies with grapes show real changes in gene expression. “That’s really great.”

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Grapes increased levels of antioxidant genes and combined with a high-fat diet delayed natural death.

According to Pezzuto, his best estimate is that the changes seen in the study equate to an additional four to five years of human lifespan. He admitted that converting a mouse’s lifespan to a human’s is not an exact science.

Another study by Dr. Pezzuto and his group, published in the journal Antioxidants, found that consumption of grapes changed the way genes were expressed in the brain, improving action recognition. .

A third study by a group under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Idle revealed that grapes not only alter gene expression but also metabolism.

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