Check out the beautifully renovated Széchenyi castle! -Photo

According to Eszterháza Cultural, Research and Festival Center Non-profit Kft, the construction phase of the renewal of Széchenyi Castle in Nagycenk has been completed. It notified MTI on Tuesday.

National Castle Program

nagycenkszéchenyi castle

Source: Nemzeti Kastély programés Nemzeti Vár program

As Helló Magyar reportDevelopment, which is part of the Nemzeti Kastély programés Nemzeti Vár program, is expected to be completed by the fall of this year with a budget of over 2,804 million HUF. (7.4 million euros), Some from EU funds and some from domestic resources.

The main purpose of the development of the castle for tourism purposes is to create a national monument of value as the heritage of Count István Széchenyi.


In the reconstruction work, Old Manor, Shecheny Wing, Flower House, Pandur House and Castle Park were renovated. At the two guardhouses (Pandur House) at the front entrance of the park, a ticket office, an information center, a museum shop, and a toilet were built.

Baroque parterre sidewalks have been restored, fountains and thematic playgrounds have been created, such as in castle parks. The garden is equipped with seats, trash cans, lighting fixtures, irrigation systems and a new north walled fence. Exhibitions using interactive tools will be held in the Old Manners and Shechenwiwing in the near future.


nagycenkszéchenyi castlenagycenkszéchenyi castle

Source: Nemzeti Kastély programés Nemzeti Vár program

At the Old Manor Building, we refurbished mechanical and electrical equipment and installed fire protection equipment. In the Széchenyi Wing, a refurbished service room has been demolished.

There is a children’s day care center on the ground floor and an office, warehouse, staff room, server center and security room in the South Wing. In addition to the modernization of service units and bathrooms, the original space of the large glass surface is maintained, making it suitable for events and exhibitions.

The construction and finishing of the building and castle park was carried out by a joint consortium of Fertőd Construction and Services Kft. And ZÁÉV Zrt.

National heritage

According to the statement, the old castle of Count István Széchenyi is one of the country’s greatest symbolic values ​​from a national historical point of view, and there has been no such large-scale example since the time of Széchenyi. Development of the scale of the castle complex. The cornerstone of the project was laid in January 2021.

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Source: Helló Magyar Check out the beautifully renovated Széchenyi castle! -Photo

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