Check out these breathtaking visual designs for the M5 subway line!

Using Augmented Reality, you can enter the world of the M5 metro line under construction with a unique app! FŐMTERV Zrt. did.

The app allows users to move lines virtually using Augmented Reality (AR). The purpose of FŐMTERV is to reveal the secrets of the project to a wider audience. report index.

What can the application display?

“It has been a longstanding challenge for us to present future facilities in a credible way to the general public, who cannot read technical plans, and solicit their input. It helps, but the reality is always a little different,” said Tibor Keszthelyi, President and CEO of FŐMTERV Zrt.To Magyar Epitoke About why you need this application.

The app has several features that allow users to navigate along the M5. You can also peek inside the tunnels under construction and track the current location of the underground Tunnel Shield.

“We want the apps we launch to be easy to understand, easy to use, and quickly popular with all interested users. It’s important for the engineering profession as a whole.”

Where can I take the M5 metro line?

The development of the M5 metro will connect the HÉV of Cepel with the HÉV of Laqueve, running to Calvin Square via Bolaros Square. The first step of the project is the introduction of the H6 line from Ráckeve to Kálvin Square and his H7 line in a deep tunnel from Közvágóhíd. The tunnel reaches a maximum depth of 50 meters at the end of Kálvin Square. That means you’ll be running under Metro 4 at a depth of 38 meters. In the second phase, the Szentendre, Cepel and Rakeve lines will be connected in a tunnel under the Danube to create Metro 5.

You can download the application to your Android device here and your Apple device hereThe application is available in English and Hungarian.


Check out these great visual plans for the M5 subway line below!

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