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Chidamabaram asks how many jobs were created from the annual promised 2cr.

New Delhi: On Tuesday, parliamentary leader and former finance minister P. Chidambalam urged the government to reveal that many jobs were created in contravention of the promise of 200 million rupees a year.

He also ridiculed the government for the stock’s answer to the opposition’s question, “no data available.”

Mr. Chidanbaram, who started discussions on the combined budget from 2022 to 2011 in Rajyasaba, said there was no purpose in considering the government’s proposal, but rather in the outcome budget. “The government has promised 200 million rupees of work a year, they need to report to us, how many jobs have been created?” He asked.

“The budget speech was only part of the job creation … it’s about 120,000 rupees a year. The annual addition to the workforce is 475,000 rupees. What’s the rest? And what do you do? The answer is very simple. They will fried and sell pakora, “he said.

Chidambaram said the government had vacancies of more than Rs 880,000 as of March 31, last year, but only 78,264 people were employed.

“My favorite speech by the Minister of Finance was her shortest budget speech,” he said.

In response to the attack on Parliament held by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday in Lok Sabha, he said: Members and ministers of the gang said there was no data. “

“The government does not have data on Tukde Tukdegang, deaths from lack of oxygen, corpses flowing down rivers, the number of migrants walking to their homes, etc.,” he said ironically.

Regarding budget allocation, the former Finance Minister said it was a pleasant surprise that the estimated capital spending from 2021 to 22 was Rs 5,54,236, while the revised estimate was Rs 6,02,711. Stated. This includes Air India’s temporary debt repayment, which is not capital spending, but it was a repayment to the bank, he added.

He also said that India’s economy has not yet recovered to pre-pandemic year levels, millions of jobs have been lost, more than 60 easy small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) have been closed, and per capita income and spending. There was a large learning loss among school children, especially in rural areas.

Chidambaram also said India’s rank in the Global Hunger Index has dropped to 101, with some talent flying from India.

https://www.siasat.com/how-many-jobs-were-created-out-of-2-cr-promised-per-year-asks-chidamabaram-2272198/ Chidamabaram asks how many jobs were created from the annual promised 2cr.

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