Children infected with monkeypox require special handling: IDI

JAKARTA (Antara) – Hani Nilasari, head of the Indonesian Medical Institute’s (IDI) monkeypox task force, said children are one of the groups that require special handling by medical personnel if infected with monkeypox. said it is.

“In general, the groups that must be wary of monkeypox are children, the elderly, and those with weak immune systems,” she said in a statement streamed via IDN Times’ Instagram on Global Health Emergencies. “Understanding monkeypox as an animal,” added in a virtual dialogue. I followed your account and Thursday from here.

Monkeypox in children is characterized by a rash on the skin and oral mucosa that tends to spread, she said.

“Later, a local infection can develop in that area, and it can even infect the area inside the mouth and oropharynx,” she added.

Oropharyngeal infections can cause, among other things, anorexia due to dysphagia. Therefore, special attention should be paid to children, Nilasari added.

Other high-risk groups also need protection, such as the elderly, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune systems.

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Earlier, Ministry of Health spokesman Mohammad Shahrir said that so far no Indonesians have been infected with the monkeypox virus.

Based on previous surveillance results, 17 suspected monkeypox patients were identified, but after undergoing laboratory tests, they were all declared negative.

Currently, there are 1,100 laboratories in Indonesia with 1,500 reagents distributed.

“A total of 17 people were suspected and their status changed to discarded after negative PCR (test) results,” Syahril said.

The spokesperson added that the government is looking for a monkeypox vaccine to prevent the disease from becoming more severe.

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