China and EU negotiate trade in tension over Ukraine

China And the European Union, the economy trade In the tension over human rights issues in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the war in Ukraine.

The meeting took place after months of failure to date the meeting after the tense EU-China summit in April, during which both sides did not agree on a joint statement.In addition to the difference in the problem Ukraine Another issue that could be a war, a bottleneck, is an unapproved investment transaction that has come a long way since the negotiations ended in December 2020.

“”9th #EUChina High Level Economy trade The dialogue will take place tomorrow on 19/07.I look forward to co-chairing this important event China Deputy Prime Minister Liu He“. EU commission.

Back in April, EU Josep Borrell Senior Representative said China I wanted to put their difference aside Ukraine -They didn’t want to talk about Ukraine.

“”They didn’t want to talk about human rights or other issues, but instead focused on positive things. The European side has made it clear that this “compartmentalization” is not feasible and unacceptable.For us, war is Ukraine It’s the moment when we decide whether we live in a world dominated by rules or a world dominated by power.,” He said.

Borrell described the final summit as “dialogue with the hearing impaired” after European authorities could not ensure that Beijing would not provide practical support to Russia.

Since the start of Russian military operations Ukraine, EU Called China Use its influence with Russia to reach an immediate ceasefire and support the humanitarian corridor.

“”We emphasized that attempts to support Russia militarily or to help Russia avoid the sanctions imposed would have serious consequences and worsen our relations. .. The Chinese side stuck to the general statement that they wanted to see peace- “We are peaceful people and do not invade others”-requesting escalation, but avoiding certain promises or Russia Avoid any kind of accusations against,” He said.

Moreover trade, Both sides discussed some international issues in April this year.The EU Called China To play a constructive role in Myanmar, Afghanistan and Iran. The 27-member block also raised concerns about the South. China He called for the maintenance of the status quo of the sea and the Taiwan Strait.

In May 2021, the European Parliament China After Beijing imposed sanctions on European parliamentarians in retaliation for sanctions by Chinese officials accused of suppressing Uighurs in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

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/ ANI China and EU negotiate trade in tension over Ukraine

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