China: Bappi Lahiri’s Big Hit “Jimmy, Jimmy” Appears in Disco Dancer’s Movie

Beijing, October 31: Millions of Chinese suffering from the horrific lockdown turned to Hindi film legend Bapi Lahiri’s super hit “Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja” from the 1982 film Disco Dancer, It has expressed anger and dissatisfaction with the country’s strict zero-COVID policy.

Chinese social media network Douyin (the Chinese name for TikTok) features songs written by Lahiri and sung by Parvati Khan in Mandarin. People in the video mock empty ships to show how they are being deprived of much-needed food supplies during the lockdown. Lockdown in Shanghai: A video shows people screaming out of their windows after they weren’t allowed to leave their homes for over a week amid the COVID-19 lockdown in China.

Watch: Jimmy Jimmy Song’s China Protest Against COVID-19 Lockdown

The video has so far evaded Chinese censorship, which swiftly removes posts deemed critical of the Chinese regime. China: Residents under COVID-19 lockdown complain of food shortages.

Watch: Chinese TikTok User Performs on Jimmy Jimmy Song

Since the days of film legend Raj Kapoor in the 1950s and 1960s, Indian films have continued to dominate the Chinese box office with ‘Three Idiots’, ‘Secret Superstar’, ‘Hindi Medium’, ‘Dangal’ and ‘Andhadhun’. was very strong.

Observers say the Chinese have found a clever way to use “Jimi, Jiemi” to stage a mild protest. This is to highlight the public plight of the zero COVID policy that literally cut China off from the outside world.

China has been bogged down with a zero-COVID policy, with dozens of cities, including Shanghai, with a population of over 25 million, locked down for weeks and people confined to apartments. A number of videos have been circulating showing security officials cracking down on people protesting the lockdown.

In a recent protest, workers assembling Apple’s latest iPhone went on strike from a factory in central China’s Zhengzhou following complaints of a virus outbreak and unsafe working conditions. Reportedly, some of the employees began to leave Foxconn’s factory after he fell ill in mid-October and did not receive treatment.

China reported 2,675 cases on Sunday, up from 802 the day before.

Under the zero-COVID policy mandated by President Xi Jinping, cities and provinces must undergo strict lockdowns, with people in areas moved to quarantine centers if positive cases are reported.

Nearly all cities, including Beijing, require testing for all residents. Without a negative test result, people in cities cannot enter public places such as restaurants and markets.

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