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China blocks 300,000 cities in a single Covid case

Hundreds of thousands were blocked in a small city in China after only one case of Covid-19 was detected on Tuesday, as Beijing’s rigorous intolerant virus strategy showed no signs of diminishing.

China is the last major economy to stick to the Zero-COVID policy, crushing new outbreaks with sudden blockades, forced quarantine and annoying travel restrictions, despite growing public fatigue and economic damage. I am.

Authorities in some regions have imposed various restrictions as they struggle to control the fresh flare-up caused by the rapidly spreading Omicron variants.

According to official notice, the Wugang Steel Hub in Henan Province has announced that it will implement a three-day “closed control” in response to the “necessity of disease prevention” after reporting a new domestic infection.

According to the notice, 320,000 people in the city will not be able to leave their homes until noon on Thursday, adding that basic necessities will be delivered by the local government.

Residents are not allowed to use the car without permission and must obtain formal permission to travel in a “closed loop” state in an emergency.

According to Bloomberg, the city has one of China’s largest steel companies, Wuyang Iron & Steel Co., which exports to the United States, Japan, and other major Western countries.

-“250 million under limit”-

The nearby Zhumadian City, which is home to about 7 million people, also announced on Tuesday that it would impose a similar three-day closure of the city center after the two tested positive.

However, the curb looks lighter than Ugan, and the city government says residents of the area were ordered not to leave the house “unless it was a necessity” and one person per household was allowed to buy the necessities every two days. Said in the notice.

A notice has been added that entertainment facilities such as bars, cinemas, gyms and karaoke parlors have been shut down and restaurants are only allowed to serve meals on a takeaway basis.

Japanese bank Nomura said on Monday that nearly 250 million people in China have had some form of anti-virus protection, more than double last week.

Sustained outbreaks and hard-line official responses have weakened Beijing’s hopes that it will be ready to move away from the type of severe curb that tens of millions of people were trapped in their homes earlier this year.

According to the National Health Commission, the country recorded 347 new domestic cases on Tuesday, more than 80% of which were asymptomatic.

In Shanghai, there is growing concern about stricter Covid measures that have withstood the severe two-month blockade earlier this year, interrupted by supply shortages and isolated protests.

Most of Megacity’s 25 million inhabitants were ordered to undergo two Covid tests between Tuesday and Thursday. This is because the number of cases every day is changing in double digits.

In eastern Anhui, where authorities blocked 1.7 million people last week, residents of a county were scheduled to undergo the 15th mass test on Tuesday, officials said.

Last updated: July 12, 2022 12:17 PM

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