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China expands blockade to fight Covid-19 surge

Hundreds of thousands more were trapped in their homes in northern China yesterday as China fought the worst Covid surge in 21 months and trapped residents used social media to complain about food shortages. ..
China, where the virus appeared two years ago, has strict border restrictions, long-term quarantine, and targeted blockade while Beijing prepares to welcome thousands of foreign visitors to the February Winter Olympics. I followed the “Zero Covid” strategy.
However, authorities have faced a resurgence of the virus in recent weeks, with 209 cases reported yesterday. This is the highest daily tally since March last year when the pandemic hit the central city of Wuhan. The surge, though low compared to the prevalence in Europe and the United States, has urged authorities to impose what is called the “toughest” possible curb in cities north of Xi’An. House arrest.
In addition to undergoing several tests, households are limited to sending one person every three days to purchase groceries.
A nearby city has also recorded incidents related to the rekindling, and yesterday Yan’an, about 300 km from Xi’An, closed its business and ordered hundreds of thousands of people in one district to stay indoors. rice field.
The blockade of Xi’An has been the most widespread in China since the blockade of Wuhan of similar size. More than 800 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Xi’An since December 9, with the youngest case being a 38-day-old baby, reported yesterday by the state-owned Global Times.
Although the number of cases in Xi’An is small compared to many populations in other countries, Chinese authorities have followed national guidelines for immediate containment of Covid-19 outbreaks as they move around and leave the city. We impose strict restrictions.
Some Xian residents wanted to know if they could stock up on their daily necessities, such as vegetables, as authorities prohibited people from going shopping during the new mass inspection that began on Monday. Authorities said they could resume shopping for people in low-risk areas if the test results returned negative, but did not say exactly when the suspension would be lifted. Prior to the restrictions, each household was allowed to send only one person every two days to purchase essentials. “It feels like a long time,” said a 22-year-old resident named Jin.
“I’m a little worried because I haven’t been told when I can shop again,” said Jin, who had run out of fresh vegetables by yesterday and couldn’t order online without waiting nearly a week for delivery. Reuters.
Since last week, residents of Xi’An have not been allowed to leave the city without permission from their employer or local authorities.
Authorities also banned vehicles that are not mandatory. Zhang Boli, who advised the Chinese government on early response to Covid-19 and developing a treatment strategy, told state media earlier this month that Xi’An could contain the outbreak by mid-January.
According to a statement from the National Health Commission, 182 localized symptomatic cases were detected on Monday in mainland China, compared to 162 the day before.
This was the highest number of days since the official daily report began classifying asymptomatic cases individually at the end of March last year.
China discloses only a handful of Omicron infections, primarily with international travelers and the South. Earlier this month, one national health official said local infections caused by imported Omicron infections were found in cities in southern Guangzhou, but the number of cases found was not disclosed. An infectious disease doctor in eastern Zhejiang said yesterday in a government-sponsored news briefing that a case of Omicron arriving abroad was detected in the province a week ago without revealing the number of infections. In Xianyang, a city near 4 million with about 12 incidents, the local Red Cross branch called for cash donations, stating that “currently, the consumption and demand for protective equipment is very high.” ..

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