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China is blocking cities as COVID cases are skyrocketing around the world

Xian, Shaanxi, China: Residents are undergoing a nucleic acid test for COVID-19 coronavirus in a restricted residential area after a recent coronavirus outbreak in Xi’an, northern Shaanxi, China yesterday. -AFP

Beijing: China yesterday closed a city of 13 million people to eliminate the small COVID-19 outbreak and pursue the zero-case target. This is because other countries around the world have fought the proliferation of huge infections caused by Omicron variants.

Early studies from South Africa and the United Kingdom provided some causes of hope, but show that Omicron infection appears to result in less hospitalization compared to the Delta variant. However, despite its initial data, scientists warn that Omicron is highly contagious, boosting record infections in many countries and forcing governments to strengthen virus control. I am.

China has blocked the northern city of Xi’An, home of the world-famous Terracotta Warriors, and eradicated a group of hundreds of incidents. “I think a blockade is needed,” a resident of Xi’an, who wanted to be identified only as a source, told AFP.

Omicron has not been reported in Xi’An, and only dozens of less infectious delta mutations have recently been detected in 13 million cities. However, the Chinese government pursued a zero-case strategy prior to the Beijing Winter Olympics, responded to typical strengths, and ordered all Xian residents to stay indoors.

Only one person per household can go out every two days to buy essentials, and non-essential businesses are closed. The February Olympics will be the most restrictive mass sporting event since the pandemic began. International spectators are banned and all participants must remain in a closed loop system.

In addition to mandatory vaccinations prior to landing in China, all athletes and personnel within the bubble are required to undergo daily testing. Officials said people with a positive test could not participate.

“Be more careful than ever”

Europe has been hit hard by the ongoing surge, recording 60% of the world’s cases in the past week, according to official Wednesday sources. Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander de Crew said, “We need to be more careful during this time,” and said a wave that could overwhelm already burned out health care workers is imminent.

European Union drug regulators last week allowed member states to use Pfizer’s COVID treatment prior to formal approval as an emergency measure against Omicron waves. And on Wednesday, Pfizer received US approval for anti-COVID pills for high-risk people over the age of 12.

Tablets available in pharmacies may be much easier to obtain than synthetic antibody treatments that require infusions in hospitals and specialty centers. According to the White House, the United States has spent $ 5.3 billion to raise 10 million courses of treatment. AstraZeneca said yesterday that a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, a booster dose, “significantly” increased antibody levels against the Omicron strain in a laboratory study.

“Eligible good news”

A UK study published Wednesday found that while previous immunity could be circumvented, Omicron variants are less likely to lead to hospitalization compared to Delta. Two preliminary studies in the UK and Scotland were carefully welcomed by experts.

They emphasized that the benefits of milder results could still be counteracted by the increased infectivity of the new strain, which could lead to even more overall severe cases. Jim McMenamin, co-author of the Scottish study, said:

However, European healthcare professionals say there is not much amnesty as many patients require intensive care because they struggle to cope with the constant flow of patients. Doctors and nurses are in a state of “extreme fatigue,” said Marshall Moonen, head of infectious disease services at a public hospital in Liege, Belgium.

Some virologists and epidemiologists in the country say they expect a fifth COVID wave to occur within a few days. But Mr. Moonen said, “We will make sure everyone has a Christmas holiday.” -AFP

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