China-Russia diplomatic relations could be ruined as Beijing bans Moscow planes

Beijing, June 15: The “brotherhood” between China and Russia could be compromised as Beijing banned Moscow airlines from flying foreign jet airliners into airspace.

Hongkong Post has repeatedly been reluctant to provide Moscow with further support as the war with Ukraine continues to protect its interests in trade, economy and other areas, the Hong Kong Post reported. Read again | China: Heavy rains and floods are affecting more than 548,000 inhabitants of Jiangxi Province.

With recent moves in Beijing, Russia now seems to have lost confidence in China. The latest report from The Washington Post is evidence of growing dissatisfaction among Russian officials with China. Read again | Russia-Ukraine crisis threatens grain harvesting in 2023, FAO’s top economists say.

Citing the report, Hongkong Post said Russian authorities were “more and more dissatisfied” with China’s apparent refusal to provide further support to Moscow during the war with Ukraine. reported.

To quote Chinese officials, progress is significant following the Kremlin’s declaration of “no restrictions” on bilateral relations before announcing a military operation in Ukraine in February. Reported that.

According to experts, China has chosen to stay away from the Russian war and avoid measures that could impose penalties on businesses. Hongkong Post, citing Russian media, said Russian airlines could not provide documents showing that their aircraft were “deregistered abroad” and locked out of Chinese airspace.

After Russia’s military action in Ukraine, China refused to supply parts to Russia and is now banning Russian aircraft from using Chinese airspace. This could be a sign of a crack in Putin’s support in Beijing.

China had previously stated that its actions in Ukraine were “extremely worrisome” and would lead negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. China has avoided strategically standing by for diplomatic relations with Russia and has not blamed its actions. On the contrary, it blamed NATO and the United States for pushing Russia to the “limit”.

Zhao Lijan, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said China’s position on the war was “consistently clear.” He also said the United States needs to take China’s concerns about sanctions seriously and warn that “it will never bring peace and security.”

Russian diplomats have long claimed that Beijing-Moscow relations are superior to the alliance and have withstood the pressure posed by the ongoing Ukrainian war.

Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov earlier said the Ukraine crisis brought Moscow and Beijing closer.

Russian diplomats are likely to revise their views on China and its actions after China has banned Russian airlines from flying foreign-owned airliners into the airspace.

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