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China’s Xi swear to new Hong Kong chief on its delivery anniversary

President Xi Jinping vows to Hong Kong’s new leader, John Lee, as Asian cities celebrate the 25th anniversary of their delivery from Britain to China.

China’s President Xi Jinping hopes that Hong Kong’s next prime minister, John Lee, will take office as the new leader in Hong Kong. (Reuters)

China’s President Xi Jinping held an oath ceremony for Hong Kong’s new leader, John Lee, as Hong Kong celebrated its 25th anniversary after returning to China from the United Kingdom.

Hong Kong’s “true democracy” began 25 years ago after being handed over from colonial Britain to China, Xi said Friday.

“After reuniting with my homeland, the people of Hong Kong became the rulers of their city,” Xi said. “True democracy in Hong Kong started here.”

He said there was “no reason” to change the one country, two systems model in which Hong Kong is governed.

The model “is such a great system, there is no reason to change it, and it must be endorsed in the long run,” Xi said. He added that everything Beijing did was “for Hong Kong.”

Lee, a former security official who oversaw the crackdown on anti-Beijing protests in 2019, upheld the city’s mini-constitution, the Basic Law, and promised to pledge allegiance to Hong Kong. He also promised to be accountable to Beijing’s central government.

Red lanterns and posters proclaiming a “new era” of stability are on the main road near the convention center where the last colonial governor, Chris Patten, returned Hong Kong to China in tears at a 1997 rain-wet ceremony. And decorated the sidewalk.

At 8:00 am (Greenwich Mean Time 0000), when the city experienced its first typhoon this year, a group of officials gathered next to Victoria Harbor to hold a flag-raising ceremony in a raging situation. The helicopter jumped over the harbor with the flags of China and Hong Kong hanging.

Xi did not attend the flag-raising event, and media reported that he stayed overnight across the Shenzhen border after arriving in Hong Kong on Thursday.

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Hong Kong: One country, two systems

Lee, accredited by the United States for his role in enforcing the new National Security Act in 2019, said Lee, when the world’s financial hubs face an outflow of people and talent within Covid-19’s most stringent regulations. Will be in charge of the world.

Xi’s trip to Hong Kong vows to Carrie Lam, the city’s first female leader, who oversaw some of the region’s most turbulent times, characterized by 2019 rebel protests and the Covid epidemic. This is his first trip since 2017.

On July 1, 1997, the United Kingdom returned Hong Kong to China under the formula of “one country, two systems,” which guarantees widespread autonomy and judicial independence.

Government critics, including Western nations, have accused authorities of trampling on those freedoms. Beijing and Hong Kong reject such accusations.

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Source: Reuters

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