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Nassau, The Bahamas — China and the Bahamas celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries this month.

Last month, a foreign ministers’ meeting was held through a video conference with China and the Caribbean countries that have diplomatic relations.

The meeting on 28 April was co-chaired by Minister of State Wang Yi, Foreign Minister and Acting Prime Minister Reginald Austrey of Dominica, attended by Antigua and Barbuda, the Federation of Bahamas, Barbados, the Federation of Dominica, Grenada and the Cooperatives. Republic of Guyana, Jamaica, Republic of Sriname, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

“China and the Caribbean countries enjoy long-standing friendships,” said the King.

“Both are good friends, good partners, and good brothers. Since the start of diplomatic relations between the two countries 50 years ago, especially since the meeting of President Xi Jinping with the leaders of the Caribbean countries who have diplomatic relations with China in 2013. Our comprehensive cooperation partnership has deepened and cooperation in various fields has yielded fruitful results. A good example of countries pursuing common development on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit.

Mr. Wang continued. “China is politically focused on supporting important projects of interest to the Caribbean, actively developing projects that help people’s lives, and promoting practical technologies such as Juncao. Continue to provide economic and technical assistance to Caribbean countries unconditionally. China will donate epidemic measures and medicines to the Caribbean countries and the Calicom Secretariat, which have diplomatic relations with China, to prevent China and the Caribbean. • We have decided to establish a mitigation fund to provide more government scholarships to the Caribbean countries. “

Since 2002, seven talks have been held at the deputy foreign minister level between China, which has established diplomatic relations with China, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Caribbean countries.

The final consultation was held in Beijing in February 2019. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, nine Caribbean countries with diplomatic relations with China have held two special meetings at the Deputy Foreign Minister level in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in May. These conferences mediated consensus on issues such as anti-epidemic and climate change.

At last month’s meeting, participants comprehensively reviewed the outcome of diplomatic relations between China and the Caribbean over the last 50 years since the beginning of the relationship.

The discussion focused on the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the concept of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the post-COVID era, with participants exchanging in-depth views and a stronger China. A broad agreement has been reached on proceeding with construction. A Caribbean community that shares the future.

“The first is to build mutual trust in politics, continue to support each other on issues of mutual core interests, and defend and practice true multilateralism,” he read the press statement.

“The second is to jointly promote post-pandemic economic recovery and promote improved and improved working cooperation. The third is to strengthen epidemic and medical cooperation, improve public health governance, and improve public health governance. Building a healthy community with China and the Caribbean. China will continue to provide anti-epidemic materials and vaccines to Caribbean countries until the epidemic is finally overcome. “

The statement goes on to say: “Fourth is to establish a multi-interactive person-to-person interaction pattern and actively consider the orderly recovery of post-epidemic personnel exchanges. China has the number of government scholarships for Caribbean countries. Fifth is to work together to tackle the challenges of climate change. China fully understands and supports the legitimate and rational concerns of the island nations, and is fair and rational. We are ready to jointly promote the establishment of a global climate governance system that is mutually beneficial. “

“Sixth is to further strengthen policy communication between China and the Caribbean.”

According to the statement, Chinese authorities are ready to hold the eighth round of talks between the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Caribbean countries that have diplomatic relations with China as soon as possible.

Other goals include discussions with the Caribbean side on holding the 2nd China-Caribbean Conference on Anti-Corruption Law Enforcement Cooperation and the 4th China-Caribbean Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum, and arranging a special envoy of the People’s Republic. Includes a plan to do. China’s for Caribbean issues visiting Caribbean countries.

Caribbean participants thanked China for its long-term selfless support for the economic and social development of Caribbean countries, especially for its strong support in responding to natural disasters and fighting the COVID pandemic. Said it was reliable and important. Development partner in the Caribbean countries. Caribbean participants uphold one China policy and support the protection of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Caribbean participants appreciate China’s support for justice and justice in international affairs and the practice of true multilateralism, and work with China to jointly tackle global challenges such as climate change. Are ready to strengthen. Chinese and Caribbean Foreign Ministers Meet to Strengthen and Deepen Diplomatic Relations – Witness News

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