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Chinese cities severely restrict travel to combat the outbreak of Covid

Xi’An, northern China, dramatically strengthened Covid’s travel management on Wednesday and fought an increasing outbreak. People were banned from boarding trains without official permission and hundreds of flights were cancelled.

As Beijing prepares to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in February, China is on the alert to fight local outbreaks in several cities.

Xi’An reported 52 new cases of coronavirus on Wednesday, bringing the total to 143 since 9 December.

Starting Wednesday, residents will not be able to leave the city by train without an official letter stating that travel is essential, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

It was the day after the city began testing all 13 million residents.

Approximately 90 residential areas were closed, but the number of affected people was not identified, according to a government notice.

According to a government notice, the long-distance bus station was closed and authorities set up a disease control checkpoint on the highway from Xi’An.

According to the flight tracker VariFlight, more than 85% of flights to and from major airports in the city are landing.

In the city, bus and train passenger capacity has been significantly reduced and schools have been closed.

The large indoor recreational facility remains closed, but the museum containing the world-famous Terracotta Warriors (the first mausoleum of the emperor in China 2,000 years ago) is closed until further notice.

China, where the coronavirus was first detected, has been slowly delaying new cases through a zero-covid strategy that includes strict border restrictions, targeted blockades, and long-term quarantine since mid-last year.

Even a single case can lead to a quick push of the curb.

On Tuesday, the southern city of Dongxing ordered 200,000 inhabitants to be quarantined at home after the infection was detected.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706685/Chinese-city-sharply-restricts-travel-to-fight-Cov Chinese cities severely restrict travel to combat the outbreak of Covid

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