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Chinese citizens clash with musk online over space station near miss

After Beijing said that satellites from Starlink Internet Service, a division of Mask’s SpaceX aerospace company, had two “close encounters” with the Chinese space station on July 1st and October 21st. Online anger is coming

The more objects swarm in orbit closer to Earth, the more frequent avoidance operations (Matt Hartman / AP).

Chinese web users have blown up billionaire Elon Musk after Beijing says it has taken evasive action to avoid the space station colliding with two of his SpaceX satellites.

Social media users blew up Musk and his company in this incident, with one hashtag recording 87 million views on Tuesday.

“It’s ironic that the Chinese people buy Tesla and provide a lot of money to allow Musk to launch Starlink. [nearly] It collided with a Chinese space station. “

“Get ready to boycott Tesla,” another said, repeating China’s general reaction to foreign brands that appear to be acting against Beijing’s national interests.

Some speculated that Washington would have imposed sanctions if the role was reversed.

“Why don’t you do what they’re doing?” Written one person.

California-based SpaceX does not respond to requests for comment.

Musk is widely praised in China, but Tesla’s reputation for selling tens of thousands of vehicles a month has declined this year due to a series of crashes, scandals and data storage concerns.

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“Close encounter” in space

China’s Tiangong Space Station was “preventive collision avoidance” during two “close encounters” with SpaceX’s Starlink satellites in July and October, according to a document submitted by Beijing to the United Nations space agency this month. I was forced to take control.

In both cases, the satellite moved into orbit and urged the space station operator to change course, the document said.

Beijing said of the satellites involved in the October incident, “the maneuvering strategy was unknown and it was difficult to assess orbital error,” to “ensure the safety and life of astronauts in orbit.” He added that he had taken steps.

Tengu, which means “Tengu,” is the latest achievement of China’s willingness to land a rover on Mars, send a spacecraft to the Moon, and then become a major space power.

The core module goes into track earlier this year and the station is expected to be fully operational by 2022.

Jonathan McDowell of the Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Center said avoidance operations are becoming more frequent as more objects flock to near-Earth orbits and force course adjustments to reduce the risk of collisions. rice field.

“I really noticed that the number of closed paths has increased since Starlink began to roll out,” he told Agence France-Presse.

He added that a collision would “completely destroy” the space station and would likely kill everyone on board.

Source: AFP

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