Chinese military exercises near Taiwan cause chaos in aviation industry

Taipei [Taiwan]Aug 6 (ANI): Many flights canceled and some rerouted following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the autonomous islands and Chinese military exercises near Taiwan .

Korean Air, Asiana Airlines and Singapore Airlines are among the airlines that have canceled flights due to China’s military exercises in the Taiwan Strait, Al Jazeera reported.

The move marks six “danger zones” where the PLA is conducting exercises aimed at preserving “sovereignty and territorial integrity” after veteran US politicians ignored warnings to travel. It came after Beijing warned aircraft carriers to avoid

South Korea’s Korean Air canceled all flights to Taiwan on Friday and Saturday, while local rival Asiana Airlines canceled a route on Friday, Al Jazeera said.

Korean Air has also moved forward its Sunday flight to Taipei by an hour after Asiana was delayed by three hours on Thursday.

Singapore Airlines and its budget arm, Scoot, have canceled all four scheduled flights between Singapore and Taipei on Friday, saying they will monitor the situation for any future changes, Al Jazeera reported.

Japan’s All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines continue to operate all flights as scheduled, but are adjusting the routes of flights to Taipei, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia to avoid the affected airspace.

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific said on Thursday it was avoiding designated zones around Taiwan, which could cause some flights to take longer.

Taiwan’s Civil Aviation Administration directed the rerouting of 74 passenger flights in and out of the island in a four-hour period on Thursday alone, the island’s central news agency reported.

Philippine Airlines, Taiwanese carriers China Airlines and EVA Air, and freight carriers FedEx and United Parcel Service continued to fly to the island as of Friday, according to flight tracking service FlightRadar24.

China is conducting its largest-ever military exercise in the Taiwan Strait until Sunday, launching ballistic missiles and deploying dozens of fighter jets and warships in six areas near the island.

Beijing has launched the exercise after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ignored warnings not to visit the dominion island, which the Chinese Communist Party sees as territory to be “reunified.”

Aviation safety cooperative OPSGROUP said China’s military exercises will affect key routes between Southeast and Northeast Asia, forcing airlines to take longer and more expensive journeys, Al Jazeera reported. .

However, given the relatively small area of ​​airspace involved, the disruptions may pale in comparison to those caused by conflicts in other parts of the world.

For example, the airline’s decision to avoid Russian airspace after the invasion of Ukraine added four hours to flights between Finland and Japan, Al Jazeera reported. (Ani) Chinese military exercises near Taiwan cause chaos in aviation industry

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