Chinese President Xi Jinping suffering from cerebral aneurysm suggests report

After a lot of speculation that he had a serious health problem, the Chinese president Xi Jinping Most likely you are suffering from a cerebral aneurysm, which can prove to be serious and even fatal in some cases.

According to media reports, Xi Jinping suffered from a “cerebral aneurysm” and had to be hospitalized at the end of 2021. Leader from the outbreak of Covid-19 to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

As reported by news agency ANI, Xi Jinping preferred treatment with Chinese herbs rather than surgery to soften blood vessels and shrink aneurysms.

When Xi visited Italy in early March 2019, his way of walking was observed to be noticeably wrinkled and unusual. Later, during the same tour in France, he was seen receiving support while trying to sit down.

Similarly, during a speech to the general public in Shenzhen in October 2020, his delay in appearance, slow speech, and coughing again led to speculation about his health.

Reports of Xi Jinping’s slump have surfaced in the same way that China’s economy is in tension due to rising oil and gas prices and supply chain disruptions due to the Ukrainian conflict, and the strict implementation of the Zero-COVID policy. ..

This potential health fear for Xi Jinping arises when he is now aiming for his third term as President of China. For the past decade, he has tried to describe China as more prosperous, influential and stable under his control.

Until a few months ago, country officials who were keen to advertise a new era of “common prosperity” slap penalties to tech giants and wealthy celebrities have so far focused on stabilizing and growing the economy. Was moved.

Meanwhile, some of China’s major cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, have suffered from the worst Covid-19 outbreaks in the country, leaving large numbers of residents under “forced” blockades over the past month. increase.

(With ANI input)

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