Christian Garcia: Delight the taste of the palace

With the recently appointed Order of Agricultural Achievement, the chef has been working in the kitchen of the Prince’s Palace since 1987. We met him.

Wide smiles and laughter … When Christian Garcia talks about his profession and his many wonderful experiences, he says how lucky he is to have lived such an extraordinary life. And there is a good reason. He has worked in the kitchen of the Prince’s Palace for 35 years, preparing daily meals for the Prince and his family.

The son of a restaurant owner who is the manager of the brasserie in Monaco, he always knew he was destined for a career in the restaurant industry. “I feel like I’ve gone around! I’m a French citizen, but it’s essentially Monaco. (…) If you need extras at the reception, I always insist on taking young people from catering colleges. Because it’s a great experience for them. We have a duty to communicate and we must convey our knowledge. The prince will definitely come and greet them in the kitchen, “he confesses.

After working at Monte-Carlo Beach, Hotel Hermitage, and Hotel de Paris, Christian Garcia was told to work in the kitchen of the palace in 1987. “”They came looking for me. The Prince’s Palace provided me with a seven-month replacement. ”

At that time, the young chef was 23 years old. “I thought it would be a great experience. I was really excited because I couldn’t refuse. In the end, my temporary position became permanent.”

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Christian Garcia remembers in detail the meeting with Prince Rainier III on the first day. “It’s pretty good when you’re 23 and in front of Prince Rainier III. I was emotional and nervous, but he immediately reassured me. 17 to Prince Rainier. Serving for a year was a very good school. I will never forget his presence, self-confidence, calm and calm speech, but at the same time he is solid. “

Constantly reforming ourselves

This was neither his first nor last notable encounter. Throughout his career, the chef has crossed the road with many politicians, including Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and even Queen Elizabeth II.

A few years later, Christian Garcia still remembers how he felt. He just thanked me, but I was very impressed to meet a great man, it was an honor. (…) The encounter with Queen Elizabeth was a very mysterious and incredible moment at Buckingham Palace. I’ll never forget those blue eyes, the Queen’s keen eyes … We talked about gastronomy for an hour! (…) And when we were invited to the White House, by President Barack Obama … when you were waiting in the living room and heard that voice … he was impressive, but he made us Reassure and diplomacy. “

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Encounters not only at the Princely Reception, but especially at the annual meeting of the “Chef to Head of State” club. Christian Garcia of this club has been president since 2007 and its motto is:Politics divides men, good tables bring them together. “

But apart from all these wonderful encounters, Christian Garcia is very pleased to serve the Prince’s family. A true collusion was born between Prince Albert II, Princess Charlene, Prince Jack, and Princess Gabriella as twin fathers, a girl and a boy. And he is delighted to find new flavors and recipes for the Prince’s family to discover:

“This is a different way of working than traditional catering. We serve the same guests at the table every day. (…) I am often inspired by the cuisine of the world that I have the opportunity to discover during many trips. We have a duty to be interested and surprised. You need inspiration and creativity. “

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Help people in need

But you don’t have to travel far to satisfy the taste of the palace!Christian Garcia defines the prince as “a lover of fine food”Sovereign seems to particularly appreciate Mediterranean cuisine made with local ingredients.We use good products from here, local vegetables … The prince has a vegetable field on top of Monaco, from which he gets seasonal vegetables. These are sun-kissed vegetables that do not contain chemical fertilizers … Fortunately there are freshly picked products that are sufficient with seasonings and cooking. “

And what about Princely Twins? “They are kids with children’s tastes. They want to eat the same things as other kids. They are kids first and foremost, but we always change the content of the dishes, We try to find a variety of products. We are educating their taste buds.“The chef explains.

It not only educates the taste, but also supports the farmers. Christian Garcia was recently appointed to the Order of Agricultural Merit for his actions to assist duck producers who were dealing with bird flu, especially in Rand. “I’m particularly flattered … I think it’s a reward for some of the actions I took at the Chef’s Club and always with the support of Prince Albert,” he says.

Lunch at Elysee on July 13, 2021 from Chef to Head of State Club – All rights reserved

Christian Garcia can always count on his support from the prince, especially in helping the underprivileged, his second mission. After attending many charity meals around the world, especially in Japan, after the tsunami, Christian Garcia sees his future in outreach activities when it’s time to leave the Prince’s Palace. My notoriety for the charity department is to do good, even if I have already done a lot. “

Until then, Christian Garcia will enjoy every minute he spends with the sovereign and his family. “I am fortunate to be able to work for a wonderful family in a magnificent palace in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I am very grateful to the prince and his family for their special and unique life.”

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