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Christmas arrives in Saudi Arabia

Muslim-dominated countries have recently undergone many changes in liberating the use of other religious symbols and celebrating non-Islamic holidays.

Hosting the two most sacred mosquitoes of Islam, Saudi Arabia is a seemingly unusual country under Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s Cultural Revolution and can host events ranging from fashion shows to film festivals throughout the kingdom.

Nowadays, the price of a Christmas tree is about $ 3,000, which surprises many Saudi Arabian citizens, as it shows how tolerant Riyadh was to non-Muslim religious events. The kingdom began to relax restrictions on Christmas celebrations last year.

Christmas has long been a controversial issue throughout the Islamic world, as more conservative Muslims view Christmas as part of Western cultural colonialism.

In the past, Riyadh banned all non-Islamic celebrations in public, as the country’s official Wahhab religious ideology considers it a form of blasphemy. But under MBS, that understanding was replaced by a more liberal understanding of non-Islamic holidays.

“Now, the cheers of Christmas are creeping up in Saudi Arabia. Social restrictions have been relaxed under Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, having Saudi Arabia enjoy spending more money at home and foreigners staying here. And you need to enjoy enough life to build an irrelevant new industry in oil. “ TThe Wall Street Journal reported From Riyadh.

Saudi supermarkets are now full of Christmas trees, Some very expensive ones, And other holiday-related items for sale, as the national religious police avoid Christmas shoppers.

In October, the Kingdom also participated in the Halloween celebration. This is an event of Anglo-Saxon origin and has spread commercially to several other countries.

But Santa Claus is still unable to ring his bell in Saudi Arabia. “They are only tough on Santa Claus,” said the salesman. WSJ, Refers to the national religious police.

Muslim Ziad is preparing to decorate a Christmas tree at home with his Lebanese Christian wife Lamees Homidan in Riad, Saudi Arabia. (Ahmed Yosri / Reuters Archive)

New saudi face

Under the new reforms of MBS, Saudi Arabia has embraced Western-led world culture from pop stars to sporting events, but these changes are only superficial due to the accumulation of criticisms of the country’s human rights records. It’s not clear if.

Justin Bieber, Canada last month execution In Jeddah in front of a large audience as famous models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Sara Sampaio Modeling New design for fashion show customers. The Kingdom also hosted the Red Sea Film Festival, which screens many films from countries like Iran, the country of loggerhead turtles.

This year, Saudi officials even allowed films like “Father’s Christmas is back” to be shown in the kingdom. Since 2018, Saudi Arabian cinemas have been allowed to show international films.

Some Islamic intellectuals have long criticized this change as decorative. Top-down changes that do not care about the values ​​and customs of the general public are facing general resistance and have led to the emergence of religion-inspired groups throughout the Islamic world. According to Dialogue Mardin A leading Turkish intellectual.

Source: TRT World

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