Chupacabra?Texas Zoo authorities are seeking community help to identify “strange” creatures captured by cameras

Texas, June 15: A security camera at the Amarillo Zoo in Texas captured a mysterious, seemingly hairy figure, and the city sought help in identifying the creature. The video provided by the zoo’s security cameras became viral after tweeting for help in identifying the person.

Last week, the city of Amarillo released an image showing the seemingly hairy shape lurking in the darkness outside the border fence of the Amarillo Zoo.

A motion-launched camera warned zoo staff after the photo was taken at 1:25 am on May 21st.

Amarilo Zoo captured a strange image Outside the zoo on May 21st in the dark and early morning hours (around 1:25 am). Do you like walking at night with strange hats? Chupacabra? Any thoughts on what this UAO-unidentified Amarilo object is? City of Amarillo tweeted on June 9th.

The popular Latin American legendary Chupacabra is a giant creature that attacks animals and consumes blood. The name comes from the Spanish words chupar (“suck”) and cabra (“goat”) and can be translated as “goat sucker”.

The silhouette of the object is unrecognizable, but what looks like two long legs seem to support it from below. “Did you like walking at night with a weird hat? Is there a big coyote on your hind legs? Chupacabra? That’s a mystery-it’s a mystery that Amarilo helps solve,” the government said in a friendly statement. Said in. For Fox News.

Chupacabra was first reported in Puerto Rico in 1995. It is believed that attacks on goats, sheep, and other livestock were condemned there, leaving behind bloody, inedible carcasses. Early reports described them as upright, kangaroo-like creatures of the large reptile.

Clips captured by the camera caused a fierce online debate.

Strange, stupid, and serious theories range from Bigfoot’s Sonic the Hedgehog to the jumping coyote. After the Amarillo Zoo clip spread by word of mouth, the San Antonio Zoo in Texas released footage of a mysterious figure and sought the help of the general public to identify strange creatures.

“A zoo security camera has found a mysterious person wandering around Brackenridge Park. We are seeking the help of the general public to identify this strange creature,” the zoo’s official Instagram page reads. I did. Thousands of people are involved in social media.

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