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Nassau, The Bahamas — Daughters of Grace is celebrating its 5th anniversary as a powerful organization that touches and shapes the lives of young women in order to bring out the best in them.

The Daughters of Grace is a group whose mission is to motivate, motivate and nurture young women in churches and communities who are eager to step into their goals and destiny.

Rev. Claudle Farrington, a minister of the Apostle Ministry of Little Jerusalem (LJAM), said he founded the organization in 2017 with his assistant Sean Sea Jones. ..

The Daughters of Grace has celebrated its 5th anniversary with fun events such as Praise n Paint and empowerment workshops covering finances and budgets.

In order for Farrington to appear as a strong, happy and confident young woman since she was a teenager, these girls have pressure from peers and negative messages about girlhood and femininity. I believe we need to learn to navigate well. In this way of thinking, the training and influence gained over the years has provided them with the ability to positively influence their self-esteem, identity development, and ability to make constructive life decisions. The Daughters of Grace, whether mental or physical, provide a safe space for members to be open about sensitive and personal issues.

“It’s important for young women to be influenced by positive experiences throughout their daily lives,” said Farrington, who is also the founder of another Andros-based Ministry of Young Women, “Kingdom DaughtersoftheSoil.”

The Daughters of Grace organization was able to sponsor a member’s trip to a sister organization in Andros. This has proven to be a spectacular and fulfilling experience.

Women also held new semester giveaways, community engagement, vision board workshops, etiquette training, and annual Women’s Training (LIT) meetings.

The group celebrated its 5th anniversary with an exciting week of activities on the theme of “stance and purpose.” The women enjoyed fun events such as Praise n Paint and empowerment workshops covering finances and budgets.

Members of the Daughters of Grace include Alexandria Mackey, Tanya Demeritte, Nicole Demeritte, Shalisha Jones, Angelica Hamilton, Keishel Forbes, Paige Morley, Kelly Nixon, Antonia Daxon, Ariel Butler, Karon Gordon, Danneka Newbold, Takia Gordon, Anielle. .. Delaney, Ashanti Leadon, Rushan Cooper, Shancey Jones, and Wanda Bain.

Jones, who has played a central role in the composition of this women’s group, humbly feels that he has received overall support, and investing in young women is one of the most prestigious investments that anyone can make. It is clarified that it is one. She said that when women feel empowered, the transition to maximizing their potential is undoubtedly smoother.

Jones said he believes in teaching young women to be equal, valuable, respected and loved. This helps young women become strong women in society. Church Group Celebrate 5th Anniversary – Eye Witness News

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