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Citizens knock on NGT doors to save the banyan tree of Shebera

Hyderabad: In an attempt to save more than 9,000 trees, including more than 1,000 majestic banyans, a group of citizens knocked on the door of the National Green Court (NGT) and stopped the road widening project proposed by NH163.

A petition is submitted by “Save the Banyan of the Shebera Group” and either the project is canceled by NGT or a thorough environmental impact assessment (EIA) is conducted and then the environmental clearance is obtained from the National Highway Agency (NHAI) of India. I requested.

“NGT is pleased to approve the application, and NHAI has informed the court that it has no plans to cut down trees at this time, it is just listing the trees,” the group said in an additional tweet.

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The Save the Chevella Banyans group has been relentless in fighting authorities both online and on the ground, protesting the proposed project they say will lead to the logging of numerous trees.

“This project endangers the last remaining scrub forests of Madimyar and Kandrapal, home to many grassland experts such as moving harriers and the rare Tawny eagle (listed” vulnerable “on the IUCN Red List). There is also the possibility of exposure to, “the group said.

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https://www.siasat.com/citizens-knock-on-ngts-door-to-save-chevella-banyans-2246379/ Citizens knock on NGT doors to save the banyan tree of Shebera

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